Shabbat Lounge @ Sundance Film Festival

Join us for our annual Shabbat @ Sundance! Spend some time away from the Festival’s craziness for a Shabbat reception with the Tribe. Enjoy delicious wine and challah and a host of treats, have a chance to network and meet friends from the industry at our very own Shabbat Lounge. Sponsored by Chai Center, with support from Jewlicious.

As with everything in Sundance, we have a guest list so that we can reserve spots for people that really want to be there. If you or a friend would like to join us at this exclusive Shabbat happening, make sure to RSVP today.

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See you in Park City!

Rabbi Yonah


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Thou Shalt Unplug Thyself – Reboot Your Week On Shabbat

San Francisco-based conceptual artist Jessica Tully designed this cell phone bag as a way to resist the temptation of the distracting electronic glow of our cell phones and cameras.  Limited  Edition, 4″ x 6″ Hemp with soy based ink. Logo design by Lucie Kim. (Out of stock!)

San Francisco-based conceptual artist Jessica Tully designed this cell phone bag as a way to resist the temptation of the distracting electronic glow of our cell phones and cameras. Limited Edition, 4″ x 6″ Hemp with soy based ink. Logo design by Lucie Kim. (Out of stock!)

Unplugging from the wired world sounds ideal, but impossible. We have never been more connected than we are now, and taking a break even for a nano-second can seem unconscionable. But now, fresh from creative minds at Reboot, and the feature of a popular NY Times article is the Sabbath Manifesto – a clarion call to those caught up in the face paced, hectic world, to observe the ancient call of the Day of Rest:

And the Children of Israel observed the Sabbath, to make the Sabbath for their generations an eternal covenant. Between Me and the Children of Israel it is a sign forever, that in six days did HASHEM make the heaven and the earth,and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.’

Ok, that was not the Sabbath Manifesto, per say, it is a passage from the Torah, recited during prayers Friday Night and Saturday, and recited during the ritual blessing of the wine on Saturday afternoon.

The Reboot Manifesto is right now: 1. Avoid Technology, 2. Connect With Loved Ones, 3. Nurture Your Health 4. Get Outside 5. Avoid Commerce 6. Light Candles 7. Drink Wine 8. Eat Bread 9. Find Silence 10. Give Back

Reboot are far from being Luddites. These are hyper-connected folks. Rather they are advocating one day of keeping the Sabbath as a means to better our lives (and make Bubbe proud.)

Join us in fighting back against the tidal wave of technology taking over society and our lives. Are you sick of having conversations with people with their noses buried in an iPhone? Are you that person?

Put down the cell phone, stop the status updates on Facebook, shut down Twitter, sign out of e-mail and relax, as part of our National Day of Unplugging.


With the huge success of the getting the word out about the Sabbath Manifesto – I really do hope that tens of millions of people join – I would like to recommend that Reboot take on some addition modern issues with ancient Jewish ideas.

To heal monotonous, romance-less marriages, create a project advocating marital abstinence one or two weeks a month to help rekindle that missing spark:

To feed the poor, protect the widow and orphan, cloth and shelter the homeless, create a project advocating tithing ten-percent of our net earnings for donations to the poor. See the

That is just for starters – we can do a lot to help improve our lives, and those around us, with some of that Torah stuff.

We will be making a L’Chaim to Reboot tonight. Shabbat Shalom!

NEXT Shabbat, Do It Your Way!

next shabbatGetting a free trip to Israel is pretty amazing. Getting sponsored Friday Night Shabbat Dinners when you get back? That is very cool.

Birthright Israel NEXT is sponsoring Shabbat Dinner, and you get to choose the guests, the food, and the location.

Do you love to entertain? Always wanted to host a Shabbat meal with a creative Jewish flair but never got around to it? Now’s your chance because YOUR NEXT SHABBAT MEAL IS ON US!

Gather your friends and have a Shabbat meal in your apartment, in the park, by a lake or Havdallah on the beach. Birthright Israel NEXT will compensate you to the tune of $25/person, up to 16 people (including the host).

Not only past participants, but past groups leaders can sign-up to host a dinner. You control the food, the guests, the flowers.

One of the coolest features is that you can search for a Shabbat Dinner by Zip Code, and up pop all these Shabbat Dinners. I mean, that is just very cool.

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Beale Street Shabbat Dinner with Matisyahu

beale street shabbat

Join Maitsyahu and Rabbi Yonah at the Beale Street Music Festival on May 2 4, 2008. Beale Street is one of the premier music festivals in the US —The Black Crowes, Santana, My Chemical Romance, Matisyahu, and many others— with three days of music and street parties in downtown Memphis. It’s a weekend not to miss!

*Matisyahu is headlining Saturday night, and will join festival goers Friday night, May 2 for a free shabbat dinner, just blocks from the festival stages.

*This event is FREE and geared towards Jewish college students and young professionals (ages 18-26)
and sponsored by Jewlicious, Birthright Israel NEXT, and Hillel of Memphis.

*Seating is limited to 150 — registration is strongly recommended.

RSVP For Dinner | Learn More About the Festival | Facebook Event