Triumph and the singing Rabbis

They posted the full, uncut skit from the telethon! Enjoy!

More Than Ninety Thousand Votes for UJC Hero

We did it.

Thanks to your efforts we came in first place in the voting for the UJC Jewish Heroes Contest.

With 91,450 votes – nearly 20% of every vote cast — we demonstrated the strength of our cause.

As I mentioned, winning the Jewish Hero Contest is a way that I can raise funds for Jewlicious Festivals.

But it is was also a way for you to show that the Jewish street is excited about what we are doing.

The next stage of the contest is called the Semi-Finals. They asked each of the top 20 vote getters to submit a short video and a statement.

We will know shortly the outcome – and we hope for the best.

If you want to be one of the first to know the results I invite you to follow us on Twitter.

Shabbat Shalom and thanks!

Rabbi Yonah

Twitter: @rabbiyonah @JconnectLA @JewliciousFest

Cast your vote for Jewish Unity

We are in the final hours of a contest that I never thought I would be in—let alone be leading. However, thanks to amazing support from around the world, we are a couple thousand votes shy of our goal.

The winner of the UJC Heroes Contest receives $25,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. I have pledged to expand Jewlicious Festival if we win, doing more than ever before.

Can you spare a few seconds to vote? To post a link on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace?

Jewlicious Festival is a place in time for young Jews to gather, to explore, to celebrate being Jewish. It’s an event unlike any other in Jewish history, uniting people from across ethnic, social, religious and political lines.

Jewlicious is Woodstock, Jewish Summer Camp, Mt. Sinai and Burning Man rolled into three non-stop days. We had 1,000 participants last year in just one location – we hope to bring the experience to 10,000 more.

Please – take a second to vote, and spread the good news – Jewlicious Festival, a place of unity that we so badly need in the Jewish world today, is leading the UJC Hero Contest and only a few votes from our goal of 100,000.

Please – pass the word. Don’t delay – we have only until tonight, 9pm PST.

Vote now!

May all your dreams and prayers this year be realized.


Thanks to everyone for the amazing photos, to Kosha for this song, and to Gfish for the Video!