Everybody Look: Jewlicious Festival is on a Boat

Some say it’s haunted. Some say it’s a masterpiece of Art Deco decor. Some say it is one of the finest ocean going liners ever built in the 20th Century. Whatever you want to believe about the RMS Queen Mary, it is one of the coolest places to do a fest. Roam the amazing decks and sumptuous halls. Enjoy bars, and views. Take the haunted boat tour. And of course, the original and compelling food, music and programming that Jewlicious Festival is famous for.

Before there were a bevy of imitators, Jewlicious Festival originated a unique blend of programming music and fun, that simply is unlike anything else at this price. Thanks to very generous donors, we can offer the Festival for a fee that is simply a steal. Everyone will be there – will you?



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Only @JewliciousFest Afro-Pop-80’s-Dance-Floor-Meets-Tel Aviv

L.A.’s Fool’s Gold play around the world with music that bridges genres, crosses continents and even transcends language. The brainchild of Israeli-American singer-songwriter Luke Top and guitarist Lewis Pesacov, Fool’s Gold has blossomed into a collective that has come up with the soundtrack to a multinational backyard party. Its ’80s dance floor-meets-Afro-pop, and we’re not going to pretend to know Congolese beats from Eritrean, or gankoguis from chekeres, but the rhythms, and the riddims beneath the rhythms, simply exude the L word, no matter their DNA. Top’s soulful lyrics mix Hebrew and English, giving the band an otherwordly quality. And the melting-pot music holds it all together — Their signature song “Surprise Hotel’s” twittering guitar line gives you happy feet; “Poseidon” could be a synth-pop hit if any synths were involved; and “The World Is All There Is” is an open-hearted hymn filled with handclaps and chanting. After seeing them this summer at the Hollywood Bowl, we knew they were Jewlicious. (Quoted generously from this review in

Jewlicious Shabbos In Sundance

A Jewlicious Shabbat In Sundance


See you in Sundance this Shabbos!

If you or any of your fellow children of Israel are going to the great Mormon State of Utah this weekend for the Sundance Film Festival – make sure to stop by our Shabbat reception. This Shabbat / Cocktail Evening at Sundance is a great chance to meet others in the biz, enjoy fresh challah, delicious wine, and snacks.

With all the craziness in Sundance – we hope that our Shabbat space will be a chilled so you can enjoy some tranquility, spirituality and great conversation.

Special guests include: Anthony Bregman, Producer. Sydney Lavine, Founder of Film Finders & SydneysBuzz. Mendel Schwartz, The Chai Center, yours truly, and others. All are welcome!

Cost: Free
Location: “MEDIA LOUNGE” 510 Park Avenue, Park City, UT 84060
Pls RSVP to have your name on event listing:

Shabbat in Sundance is Sponsored by:
The Chai Center / Real TV Films / Jewlicious / Loeb & Loeb / Nation Light Productions


Jewlicious, The Temple Mount, and The Future Of Jerusalem on Foursquare

Can you phantom check-in and fool God?

Who is the mayor of the mount? Is it Ariela Ross, the one who on Foursquare is crowned the mayor? Or does the title — and the significant wealth, honor, prestige, and free fries— belong to a humble Jerusalem blogger named David Abitbol?

Here are some news articles recently published on this matter.

From the JPost:

For Ariela Ross, being the “mayor” of Al-Aksa Mosque and the Old City’s entire Muslim and Christian Quarters is quite natural – as these are the places where she spends much of her spare time….With 66 total “check-ins” as of Wednesday afternoon, Al-Aksa’s coveted mayorship currently remains in Ross’s hands through her own nine check-ins on the increasingly popular smartphone application called Foursquare, which allows users to tell their friends exactly where they are at any given time.

From the NY Media Observer:

She visited the mosque at the invitation of the mother of a Muslim boyfriend, a Bedouin Israeli, but she admitted that many of her check-ins were not strictly from within the mosque itself. “Usually I’m sitting right outside of it,” she said, “but I didn’t see any reason to create a new location” on Foursquare.

As for Abitbol, he frequents the Temple Mount because “it’s really pretty, the workmanship on the mosques is remarkable, the views are great and, most importantly, it is the holiest site in Judaism.”

While he would like to see the Jewish Temple rebuilt one day, he said, he expects the restoration to happen by divine intervention—”not by man.”

A few things I don’t get is how she can be called a nice Jewish girl in the article headline, [Disputed Territories: Nice Jewish Girl Claims Foursquare Mayorship of Temple Mount] and admit to dating a Muslim,  and admitting to phantom check-ins.

Jewlicious has posted many pictures of himself on the Temple Mount. If Ross is the true Mayor, wouldn’t it be right to have a bunch of photos of her on the Temple Mount too? Our researchers looked through her Twitpic account and found none.

Which is why I am writing this whole piece to begin with.

Jewlicious aka David Abitbol is clearly the Foursquare Mayor of the Temple Mount fair and uhm, square. He takes pictures every time he is there. There are no secret visits, or check-in’s during non-Muslim hours.

Mayor Abitbol, I think it is time for your coronation.