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Singing Hava Nagila to the MSU

wall uciu Stunned Jewish students looked on in disgust at the 25-foot long wall erected by the MSU on campus at UC Intifada. Looking more like an installation of an angry frustrated art student, the wall is plastered with horrific scenes of violence—all of them supposedly of the IDF against innocent children. The wall is guarded by two bozos in military outfits and berets and sunglasses. They are supposed to look tough. I joked with them that they are pathetic IDF soldiers because they have homemade Israeli flag badges, and no guns. Yes, these are unarmed Israeli soldiers. And what good are they guarding the wall that can easily be walked around? Then I announced to everyone that I would explain what this wall was about, much to the consternation of the MSU leadership and Imam. I explained why it was being built etc to a group of students from Korea. more wall Then I told the groups of prospective students that were touring the campus not to go to UCI unless they couldn’t get into any other school. I played by guitar singing Hava Nagila, Heveinu Shalom during the speeches. They filmed me from two angles. I hope they got some nice footage for Al Jazeera. All in all it was a good day to be a protester with an attitude. I tried speaking to the MSU students, but they refused. I told them that we are all made in the image of God, that we should try to talk over things, and that really offended one guy. I said hello in Arabic to a Muslim woman, and a male student yelled at me not to disrespect his sister. And what was the response of the Administration, the ADL, the Federation, the Hillel, the Police? Well, when this random man walked up to the speaker and yelled at him to stop his anti-Semitic diatribes, a Muslims student leapt up and pushed him. The student and the offending man were quickly surrounded by police and pulled away. The Administration just loves these guys. They have even allowed he MSU to break school policies, just so that they can have more time with loudspeakers, keep the PA system on louder than allowed for other groups, erect a wall that effectively blocks pedestrian traffic etc. The Hillel had two tents on either side with posters and flyers. Most students ignored them. The ADL was there to monitor things. I mentioned to the ADL that there was clear intent to incite violence against Jews, that a Jew was pushed. She said the hate mongers and Jew baiters are allowed to speak freely, that the ADL is a civil rights organization. It seems that the only civil rights not protected are the Jewish ones. The Federation was there to monitor the situation, and I hope that they will realize that they need to move on the administration of the school to make this place less a den of thugs and sinister anti-Jewish anti-American propaganda. So I’ll be smiling again today when Neturei Karta’s David Weiss gets up to speak. I have some pies ready—to serve students of course.

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