Prayers for Israel is important for anyone who cares about Israel and the Holy Land. Rabbi Yonah Bookstein helps us speak to God about Israel in a new and powerful way. He echoes the eternal words of the Prophet Zechariah, “Not by military force and not by physical strength, but by My spirit,” can we safeguard the Land of Israel.

— Rabbi Shmuley Boteach author of The Fed-up Man of Faith: Challenging God in the Face of Tragedy and Suffering

Take some moving psalms, inspiring teachings, insightful meditations, and a new slate of inspirational prayers and you have Prayers for Israel, a must-have resource for lovers of Israel. After more than two decades advocating on behalf of Israel, Rabbi Yonah Bookstein has learned that “our main weapon” against feelings of helplessness in the face of Israel’s foes is prayer. Heartfelt, sincere, and open dialogue with God— notwithstanding the amount of your financial support— are your most powerful asset when it comes to advocating for Israel.

This book guides lovers of Israel on a personal journey to help you communicate with God, and give voice to your hopes and fears. Most importantly, no matter how much or how little time you set aside for prayer, realize that you are not powerless in the face of those who seek to delegitimize, terrify and destroy Israel. You have a powerful ally, God, who wants the miracle of Israel’s rebirth to blossom and grow.