Jewlicious@TheBeach.2 Hits the Press

A Jewish music revolution

By Kevin Butler, Staff writer
LONG BEACH — More than 200 students from 37 colleges and universities are expected to descend on Long Beach this weekend to hear traditional Jewish music with a contemporary twist as part of the “Jewliciouscelebration.The youth-oriented event, organized by Beach Hillel, will include a Sunday night concert featuring Jewish hip-hop, heavy metal, and indie jam music. The concert is part of a conference from Feb. 17 to 20 that also includes a Friday night medieval feast and a screening of a documentary on Saturday.

“There has never been a show like this, in Long Beach for sure,” said Rabbi Yonah Bookstein of Beach Hillel, which serves students at Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach City College and other area institutions.

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Cyber War Erupts over “Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest”

Jerusalem—-February 7…..In response to Iran’s best-selling newspaper announcing a competition to find the best cartoons about the Holocaust, the Israel News Agency launched an SEO – Internet search engine optimization marketing contest to prevent Iran news Websites from reaching top positions in Google.

“When I heard that a newspaper in Iran was now holding a cartoon contest on the Holocaust, I knew that SEO would be the most potent tool in combating it,” said Joel Leyden, publisher of the Israel News Agency . “That 12 winners in Iran would have their Holocaust cartoons published and would receive two gold coins (worth about $140 each) as a prize, I donned my SEO Israel Defense Forces uniform, cocked and loaded my keyboard. There is no way that Iran will spit on the graves of over 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.”The Israel News Agency is asking every SEO advertising marketing professional to create Web pages and optimize the keywords: “Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest” in order to prevent the Iran newspapers, the enemies of Israel, the Jews, the Christians and Western democracy from attaining a high Google and Google News position. The SEO contestants will wrap these keywords around their comments of how Iran has sponsored Islam suicide bombing terror attacks against innocent men, women and children in Israel. Iran directly funds the activities of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hizbullah. Read more


(Muslim) Empire Strikes Back…with Anti-Jewish Cartoons

Muslim protesters holding banners as they are trying to march into the Danish consulate in Istanbul on Sunday. (Reuters)
Last update – 16:27 05/02/2006
Dutch Islamists post cartoons depicting Anne Frank, Hitler in bed
By News Agencies
A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its Web site in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many
Muslims.The cartoons were posted on the Arab European League’s site on Saturday. It was not working Sunday morning because of exceeded bandwidth.

The very severe reaction continues.  Embassies are being torched.   Marches are underway. How long will this go on?  It’s been going on for a long time.  France was just burning some months ago…

Muslim Marchers in London

Muslim Marchers in London