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The Battle is with ignorance

One expects already that the entire Muslim world believes that Jews planned 9-11. They have put up Jews as the source of all the worlds problems, and 9-11 is no different.

The conspiracy folks have been writing all along that all the Jews got out, and that the Mossad was in on it. Then a particularly evil crop of Muslim preachers started to parade around campuses here in Southern California, and regurgitated these lies, that the Jews were behind 9-11.

Today on Aljazeera.com, not only is there an article with these very same disgusting and abhorrent lies, it goes further, and repudiates the entirety of Jewish history and culture. The lies are not new, they are rehashed anti-Semitic garbage. What is new, is that these lies about Jewish history are now being joined with the 9-11 lies, and the lies about Jewish control of the media and the US government to form a big fat ugly lie. From Aljazeera today:

Many, perhaps even most Jewish people are descended from the Khazars, a people whose rulers converted to Judaism sometime during the 800’s AD….Now that we have established the ruthless and criminal nature of radical Zionism, one more lesson needs to be understood before we return to the five dancing Israelis of 9-11 and other related stories…..ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, UPN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, Time Magazine, Newsweek, People Magazine, US News and World Report and countless other media and Hollywood companies all have either a Zionist CEO, a Zionist News Chief, or are owned by a media conglomerate which has a Zionist CEO.  39  Have you ever noticed how Hollywood movies always seem to portray Germans and Arabs as a bigoted fanatics or as terrorists? Now you know why!….

Scientifically and historically inaccurate, but clearly palatable to the conspiracy hu

ngry, Jew-hating audience that Aljazeera services.

The lies are coming so fast and so strong, it is bound to trip up some Jews who are not knowledgeable about their own history.

I do not fear the Muslim press that lies and distorts reality. Nor am I afraid of evil preachers of hate that circulate lies about 9-11, and Jewish control of the media. What does frighten me is Jewish ignorance.

Fighting Jewish ignorance seems to be a crucial step in this clash of civilizations that we are witnessing today. So arm yourself with some good history books, and lets do battle with ignorance.

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First Person: Jewlicious Conspiracy

Reine Slutskie (Fullerton '05) participated in both Jewlicious Festivals We proudly present her article that appeared in the Jewish Journal.

jewish journal


Jewlicious Conspiracy

by Reina V. Slutske

In November 2004, I sat in Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein’s kitchen. They are a young couple with three executive director).

Apple laptop on hand, Rabbi Bookstein talked of a dream about a conference for young Jews, where they could hang out and learn. No agendas, no gimmicks.

I jokingly labeled it a conspiracy. But with the collaboration of a Web journal, or “blog,” known as Jewlicious.com, the conference “Jewlicious @ The Beach” launched in April 2005.

Parents don’t understand why 300 young Jews packed the Long Beach Alpert JCC for the Jewlicious sequel on Feb. 17. We came for food and song, complete with banging on the tables and exuberant dancing wherever there was room. At the Sunday night concert, “Jewbilation,” you could see the look of shock on the older generation’s faces as we jammed to Hebrew heavy-metal songs by the Maccabees. This was not your mom’s “Oseh Shalom.”

Jewlicious included panels on everything from “Kabbalah and Madonna” to “Jews Who Protest.” There were workshops, musical jams and tons of food. It was attended by young Jews in the spotlight, such as writer Ruth Andrew Ellenson, editor of “Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt,” and Matisyahu, the Chasidic reggae superstar my dad refers to as “the hip-hop hoo-hoo.” But most of all, it was everything that the Booksteins hoped for: a celebration of being young and Jewish and alive.

What many people don’t realize is that a new Jewish youth culture is coming to the surface. For us, it’s old school meets new school-klezmer with a hip-hop beat (brought to “Jewbilation” by the amazing DJ So Called and Beyond the Pale).

We are of all ethnicities and levels of observance, and we include some in the process of conversion. Some young Jews have become more observant, much to the shock of less traditional parents. Orthodoxy is no longer old-fashioned, but a source of fascination. Read more

Genocide continues

down with usaWhere else can you find the Darfur Jihad Organization and the Blood Brigades?

Just when the UN is deciding on troop deployments in Darfur to end the genocide there…

The pro-government al-Intibaha newspaper has announced the formation of two new Islamist movements threatening to target foreign interests in Darfur, called the Darfur Jihad Organization and the Blood Brigades.

Again we see naked aggression and violence from the spiritual children on Ishmael.

“Jihad, victory, martyrdom,” the soldiers chanted. “Our martyrs are in heaven, and we are ready,” said Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein.

Hussein last week threw out all foreign press from a news conference, accusing them of fabricating the Darfur conflict, which Washington calls genocide.

Khartoum denies genocide in the arid west, but tens of thousands have been killed and 2 million herded into camps by three years of rape, looting and killing. The International Criminal Court is investigating alleged war crimes there.

For more info on Darfur see SAVEDARFUR.org 


Virtual Jerusalem blogs Rabbi Yonah

That’s right, blame the Jews
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By Rabbi Yonah, JEWLICIOUS 

Recently I “learned” from a popular Islamic preacher who tours campuses across the States, that I was responsible for the cartoon riots across the world. I, being the Zionist Jew that I am, was responsible for the publication of the offending Danish cartoons, and therefore had to deal with the consequences.

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