The Day The Music Didn’t Die

In the course of one week in Greater LA, Matisyahu will play three shows, Yemen Blues at least two shows, and Idan Raichel three shows.

Turns out that three of the biggest Jewish artists, a Hebrew Trifecta, will be performing on the same night, Thursday, Nov. 4th — Matisyahu in Ventura, Idan in the Valley, and Yemen at the Skirball. And each show will be packed to capacity.

Lastly, let’s not forget the Afro-pop sound of Fools Gold, led by two Israeli-Americans who sing in Hebrew, headliners at Jewlicious Festival in February, who played tonight at the Greek.

Matisyahu’s show Wednesday night in LA featured cameos by Ravid Kahalani, the leader of Yemen Blues, and Yehuda Solomon, lead singer and co-founder of the Israeli band Moshav, who are now based in LA.

All in LA, chabibi. And all the same week.

The rumors of the death of Jewish music are just fiction, and the music plays on. The crowds live on. The creative essence of Jewish peoplehood lives on.

The 1,000 people at the show Wednesday night at Club Nokia cheered as Matisyahu retrieved his yarmulka after stage diving into the crowds. They roared when Ravid’s lofty Yemenese notes pierced the night, when Yehudah’s Arabic and Hebrew chanting mesmerized, and when Matis belted out “Jerusalem if I forget you.”

The crowd Wednesday night was part Birthright reunion, part downtown LA, part hipster and part gangster, unity and diversity. Hundreds of Jews of all ages packed into the club to see the most famous orthodox Jew in the world today. Dancing, singing, and swinging his peyos at one point, Matisyahu was the convener.

It’s good to see that the music has not died, that Jewish organizations and popular venues are able to book shows which speak to our youth just fine.


Yemen Blues at the Skirball
Thursday, A

ugust 4, 8:00 p.m. (Doors open at 7:00 p.m.)
Admission:FREE; no reservations

Yemen Blues Downtown
Saturday Night,Aug 6
Grand Performances (Downtown LA) 350 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, 90071

Matisyahu in Ventura, Anaheim, San Diego
Tickets at Matisyahuworld.com

Idan Raichel

Tickets On Sale For Jewnfest, LA Concert Series Vol 1, June 14 & 15

Jewnfest, LA Concert Series Vol. 1, June 14-15, 2011

Jewlicious is proud to present Jewnfest: LA Concert Series Vol 1, June 14 and 15th at one of LA’s most beloved music venues, The Mint. Jewnfest brings out the best local and independent artists from the West Coast for an intimate and rocking musical experience that won’t break your bank. Enjoy $2 Asahi premium beers, lots of other great drinks, and tickets start at only $10.

This two-night musical journey is put together by the team behind the award-winning Jewlicious Festival, which started in 2005 promoting independent rising stars with great success. Jewnfest’s first evening will be dedicated to sounds of the rising indie folk-rock revival made huge by Mumford & Sons. The second evening will be a high energy evening of local musical wizards.

Featured artists for Jewnfest include Independent Music Award Nominee Hyim , rising Indie Music sensation, Yael Meyer, and The Wellspring, fronted by Blue Fringe’s Dov Rosenblatt, the animated and original Klezmer Juice, and more artists to be announced soon. (More bios of the artists will be posted on JewliciousFestival.com)

Tickets for Jewnfest can be purchased online or at the door, space permitting. Pre-sale tickets are $10 per night,or 2 nights for $15. Doors open at 7pm, with music from 8-11pm each evening. The Mint is located at 6010 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. The shows are for adults 18+. Support for Jewnfest comes from The Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles, Asahi Beer and JConnect.


Matisyahu’s Live At Stubb’s Vol. II: A Flowing River Of Passion

King Without A Crown, the breakout single from Live At Stubb’s put Matisyahu on the musical map. On Jimmy Kimmel, here in LA, one song from Stubbs about a king without a crown, and love tearing a whole in ceiling created a worldwide phenomenon. Something about that song transcends religious, political, and ethnic lines. I’ve seen Lebanese Muslims, Quakers, Mormons, Jews of all persuasions jamming to that song. It hit mainstream.

Matisyahu would later say, when asked at Jewlicious Festival, that before he wrote that song things were not going as planned. He was praying, talking to God, and hoping that God could turn things around.

Apparently God was listening.

In the time since the first Stubb’s album, Matisyahu has sprouted his wings and built a musical ecosystem way beyond anything that we could have imagined. Matisyahu has toured the world multiple times, been nominated for a grammy and has two Gold Records under his belt. So Matisyahu decided returned to Stubb’s, the place where his musical footprint was first established, and recorded a new live album.

I have the privilege to closely follow Matisyahu, going to his shows all over the country, and experiencing his musical growth and journey. Even with a front-row seat, I could not have predicted how extraordinary this album would be.
Stubbs II is no greatest hits album. It’s not a nostalgia or revival album. Stubbs II is a shot across the bow of cookie-cutter corporate sameness and predictable genre-locked tonality. It’s a revolutionary album.  Its aerobic, agile, free flowing across the sky of sound and expressions. Live At Stubb’s 2 is the most compelling album of his career.

But you cannot listen to Stubbs II once on little iPod headphones or, God forbid, laptop speaker system. (May my neighbors forgive me.) To fully appreciate Stubb’s II you need massive sound, three or more listenings, and an open mind. If you can line that up, your musical world will be totally grateful.

Gone are the soft reggae lines, the linear, the expected. Matisyahu’s sound is more intense, holistic, and full of twists, turns, and flips. Just try to catch your breath. Matisyahu has refused to be compartmentalized, boxed in, he is constantly in creative mode, reinventing his music

I’m not a music critic, and not a music critics son. But I run music festivals, and have worked with hundreds of artists from all over the world. Do yourself a favor: pickup or download his latest album, and catch him on tour this summer.

Matisyahu has refused to be compartmentalized, boxed in, he is constantly,

Matisyahu will be doing a massive tour this summer, starting next month in Alabama at Hang Out Festival. In addition to purchasing Stubbs 2, hopefully you will have a chance to catch this incredible performer soon.

PS- We wish Tahlia and Matisyahu a hearty Mazal Tov on the birth of a baby boy!

Why Is This Party Different From All Other Parties? Vol. 1

When you throw a party you don’t need to write a detailed FAQ. But we understand that with a new thing, people need some more details. So here is the first in a series of posts with more details about the day.

Imagine a party which is not about hooking up, but about cleaning-up.

Instead of dressing to kill, you dress to get messy.

Instead of sporting nice shoes, you wear shoes that can take some punishment, or at least getting dirty.

Instead of needing to know people to get an invite, or just get in, you can pre-register, or show up on the day of, to be a part of it.

Instead of being impressed with how people dress, you will be impressed by how people work 🙂

Instead of painting the town red, see how many feet of curb you can paint red.

Instead of trashing the place, we will leave the place trashless.

You get the idea.

Beyond a service day, TIKKUNFEST is a celebration of service. Bringing together people under the umbrella of community service, social action, TIKKUNFEST features a romping concert, vendors, and good vibes. It is geared for young adults 18and over, but anyone is welcome.

TIKKUNFEST volunteers will gather at the registration point, be assigned teams, and spread out to complete a series of projects on 18 blocks of Pico Blvd. Hopefully everyone will have a chance to plant, paint, clean up garbage, sweep, wash, trim, and beautify the neighborhood.

At the moment, we are working on a few dinner options for volunteers. Make sure to bring cash or credit card for dinner.

This is a party with a purpose if there ever was one , make sure you and all your friends pre-register for chance to get a free collectible TIKKUNFEST T-Shirt!

Pre-Register for FREE at TIKKUNFEST.eventbrite.com