“Holocaust in Palestine” photos from UCI

The first of a few posts on this year’s anti-Israel activities at the University of California – Irvine. Jewish students put up these signs to warn passersby. They were only up one day because of the strong winds. The winds also knocked down some of the MSU displays.

hate speech zone caution sign

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Muslim students show Jews as monsters

This  “passion play” used was created to incite hatred against Jews and Israelis.  This dramatic presentation of Jewish cruelty is in my opinion anti-semitic. It shows the helpless and powerless at the mercy  of cruel Jewish villains.  While one may choose to see this film in “objective” light – its only a protest Rabbi Yonah to raise awareness of the conflict – I cannot help but view this as part of the continuum of anti-semitism. In fact, the passion plays of the middle ages are very similar in content – showing a powerless Jesus victimized and killed by the Jews. The point of those passion plays was to inflame anger against Jews, and burn the image of the suffering Jesus into the minds of the public. The point of this passion play  is to inflame anger against Jews, hatred of Israel, and burn the image of the suffering Palestinians into the minds of impressionable students.  Some of these students involved told me that their peace proposal is the elimination – yes destruction – of Israel, and the establishment of an Islamic state in its place.

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iFest @ UCI

UCI will be hosting notorious and hateful speakers starting Wednesday with Norm Finkelstein. Which will be followed by ten days of what we casually call hate-week. Partially in response, but also as an affirmation of Jewish identity, Anteaters for Israel has spearheaded a week-long Israel celebration that we are happy to be co-sponsoring. iFest is certainly the largest attempt at UCI to bring a different view of Israel to the campus- and we hope it succeeds in speaking to the majority of students who are uninformed, and uncommitted to the radical Muslim agenda on the campus.

Perhaps the most audacious part of the week will be Thursday night, when an expected 900 people will converge for OASIS – a club night in Garden Grove.
It will be the largest pro-Israel event in OC Jewish Student history by far. Students from all over Socal are expected to this massive Israel party -with Israeli dj’s, complimentary admission drinks, and busing.

Come next week, the mood on campus will change, but we hope that this series of events will garner many more friends for Israel and the Jews on the UCI campus – where we truly believe that the majority of students are sick and tired of 1)their school being used as a recruiting ground for radical Islamic movements, 2) the vilification of Jews and other minorities, and 3) the bullying gangs of MSU students that intimidate dissenters.

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Beale Street Shabbat Dinner with Matisyahu

beale street shabbat

Join Maitsyahu and Rabbi Yonah at the Beale Street Music Festival on May 2 4, 2008. Beale Street is one of the premier music festivals in the US —The Black Crowes, Santana, My Chemical Romance, Matisyahu, and many others— with three days of music and street parties in downtown Memphis. It’s a weekend not to miss!

*Matisyahu is headlining Saturday night, and will join festival goers Friday night, May 2 for a free shabbat dinner, just blocks from the festival stages.

*This event is FREE and geared towards Jewish college students and young professionals (ages 18-26)
and sponsored by Jewlicious, Birthright Israel NEXT, and Hillel of Memphis.

*Seating is limited to 150 — registration is strongly recommended.

RSVP For Dinner | Learn More About the Festival | Facebook Event