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Back on The Air

It’s fun to be back on the air.

It’s been a long time since my radio show at Cranbrook high school. I have amazing memories of bringing my records every other week to play during the radio show. We transmitted about one mile from the basement of the dorms.

Later at Long Beach Hillel with a bunch of students we started KJEW Radio. Boaz put together some computers, programs and equipment and we were broadcasting online. A bunch of students had short lived shows, including one on Jews and sports, and a Love Problem call in show. We were just way ahead of the curve. It was 2005.

I also played around with Podcasting in those days, but my podcasts were just classes that I was teaching on campus. There were no interviews, or production for that mat


With the pandemic in full swing, I’m starting a new project called Together With Rabbi Yonah. Every week you can join me for inspiring conversations with fascinating people. The new series is being carried by The Jewish Journal.

As you know, people of all backgrounds have been devastated by the pandemic and Together is dedicated to bringing light and healing to our world.


gether on this program we will meet some amazing people, and share advice and insights to help us live better, love better, and save lives.

In addition to our incredible guests, In addition to our incredible guests, I’ll answer your questions, highlight organizations that are making a difference, and I’ll share a short story to open our hearts. Please send me your comments or questions to rabbi @ pico shul.org

Please watch us on Facebookor on YouTube.