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Adkins An Anti-Semite?

It seems that American’s love affair with the Bagel are over. Low-carb diet fettish has proven that people want skinny legs and not skinny onion sticks. They want flat abs, not round everything’s. What will become of an America denuded of bagels? Where will hungry Jews have brunch? Could it be that this is the […]

Chutzpah of a Murderer

As The Parsha Goes, So Goes The Week This famous statement means that world events often mirror events in the Torah Portion of the week. Sometimes subtly, and sometimes gratingly obvious, the parsha never fails. As the world’s eye is upon a military hospital in France, and reporters scramble to tell the inside story of […]

Sleep Jewish

Sunday night I had the great privilege to be in Irvine, at the amazing and new JCC. The Musical Mystery Tour began. OC Hillel has created a beit-cafe program in their student lounge for an evening of music and conversation with me, really, can you believe it? All told, this is going to be a […]

Its Raining Again Noah

Its raining. Now this may not be surprising to most SoCalniks (Yiddish for “from southern Caliâ€?), however, after many months without rain, I was getting pretty used to it. In fact since it is now thundering and lightening outside, I feel like a little of that old Midwestern fall I once knew. It said on […]