Rambam or “Moussa ben Maimoun”?

UNSECO, often complicit in, or actually instigating, the revisionist history of the Palestinian Authority has done it AGAIN.  Maimonides aka Rambam — of of  the foremost Jewish scholars since the days of Hillel and Shammai, is now…a Muslim scholar.

When I was studying at Oxford, the Jewish manuscript librarian showed me several samples of his writing. The fact that some was in Arabic, the lingua franca of the countries where he lived, doesn’t make him Muslim. It’s like saying Phillip Roth is a Christian because he writes in English.

Lastly, there ARE historical rumors that in order to escape besieged Spain, Rambam and his family were compelled to undergo a forced conversion to Islam. However, even if that were the case, he is no Muslim Scholar, as all his writings and work are Jewish.

From Challah Hu Akbar

A recent UNESCO report on science, Jewish physician and theologian Maimonides is classified as a Muslim named “Moussa ben Maimoun.” So the Rambam

– for Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon – has been forced to “convert” to Islam by the UN’s revisionist historians.

During the Middle Ages, the French Inquisition confiscated and burned Maimonides’s books. From the elegant Parisian boulevards, UNESCO’s inquisitors are now following the same dreadful solution of rendering history and the Holy Land “Judenrein.”

More info about Unesco’s anti-Jewish work in this good article on YNET by  Giulio Meotti .