Tickets On Sale For Jewnfest, LA Concert Series Vol 1, June 14 & 15

Jewnfest, LA Concert Series Vol. 1, June 14-15, 2011

Jewlicious is proud to present Jewnfest: LA Concert Series Vol 1, June 14 and 15th at one of LA’s most beloved music venues, The Mint. Jewnfest brings out the best local and independent artists from the West Coast for an intimate and rocking musical experience that won’t break your bank. Enjoy $2 Asahi premium beers, lots of other great drinks, and tickets start at only $10.

This two-night musical journey is put together by the team behind the award-winning Jewlicious Festival, which started in 2005 promoting independent rising stars with great success. Jewnfest’s first evening will be dedicated to sounds of the rising indie folk-rock revival made huge by Mumford & Sons. The second evening will be a high energy evening of local musical wizards.

Featured artists for Jewnfest include Independent Music Award Nominee Hy

im , rising Indie Music sensation, Yael Meyer, and The Wellspring, fronted by Blue Fringe’s Dov Rosenblatt, the animated and original Klezmer Juice, and more artists to be announced soon. (More bios of the artists will be posted on

Tickets for Jewnfest can be purchased online or at the door, space permitting. Pre-sale tickets are $10 per night,or 2 nights for $15. Doors open at 7pm, with music from 8-11pm each evening. The Mint is located at 6010 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. The shows are for adults 18+. Support for Jewnfest comes from The Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles, Asahi Beer and JConnect.

Gov. Don Siegelman Fights On To Clear His Name

Ever since the unjust trial, conviction, imprisonment of Gov. Siegelman, I have been posting updates on the situation. The latest failure at the Court of Appeals is mind-boggling. After all, former government employees from the Bush torture year’s facing zero consequences for their actions. Gov. Siegelman never hurt anyone, committed not crime, and did not benefit financially.

Letter from Gov. Don Siegelman:

On Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals failed to reverse my flawed, politically-motivated prosecution — even in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that says, in short, that political contributions in and of themselves aren’t bribery.

Well, we’re not giving up because we know that the law is on our side — and, in time, justice will be done.

But I need your help to keep up the fight, back to the appeals court and all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if we have to. Can I count on you?

Please contribute $25 or more to my legal defense fund now — in the wake of Tuesday’s appeals court ruling — and help me fight to overturn my Karl Rove-inspired political prosecution!

Let me be clear: I was never bribed. I never solicited a bribe. I never broke the law. In fact, I was never accused of taking a single penny. I was the fourth Governor of Alabama to appoint this same man to this same non-paying board, and that’s the crux of the prosecution’s case! Read more

More Bad News For Kabbalywood Inc.

More bad news for Kabbalah Centre Inc. as the IRS,  grand jury, and lawsuits pile-up.  Perhaps they need to just pour Kabbalah water on the tax files, and wrap the building in red string to ward off all the negative energy?

A former CFO told the NY Daily News, “I recently uncovered instances of income tax fraud . . . instances which could bankrupt several of the directors involved,” wrote former Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Vakkur in an August 2010 email obtained by the Los Angeles Times.”

My recent posts on the current troubles of the Centre having to do with Raising Malawi  have attracted attacks by rabid supporters who ascribe powers to leader Phillip Berg akin to the Baal Shem Tov, Moshe Chaim Luzatto, and Chaim Vital. The devotees conveniently ignore the investigative work done by journalists in Israel, England and the US that uncover many bogus claims made by the Center, the lives that have been ruined, marriages split up.

By claiming that Kaballah is the world’s leading source of truth and attracting mega-celebrity devotees, ironically, the Bergs have contributed to the popularity of Jewish mysticism more than any other family. They might also bring Jewish mysticism its greatest disgrace. Or that might be left up to Madonna herself.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Kabbalah Centre, a proponent of Jewish mysticism that attracted Madonna and other celebrities, said Friday that it will cooperate with a government tax investigation.

The nonprofit Los Angeles-based center and one of its charities, Spirituality for Kids, received government subpoenas concerning “tax-related issues,” the center said in a statement.

It will cooperate and intends to work closely with the Internal Revenue Service, the statement said.

A federal grand jury in New York also is investigating the center, according to subpoenas cited by the Los Angeles Times. Read more

Happy Mother’s Day Momm

Created by a woman from West Virginia, Mother’s Day is a bigger boost to the economy than Valentines Day, which proves that life is not a box of chocolates, but rather more like going out for a meal.

I once scoffed at Mother’s Day, “are we not commanded as Jews to honor our mother’s 365 days a year?” However, rather than being a cynical marketing ploy aimed at selling lots of iPads, roses, and flashy things, it actually makes a great deal of communal sense to use one day a year to advocate on behalf of an important issue.

My mother has had a significant impact on my life, and most of the people around her. Born to immigrant parents in Detroit who imbued in her a strong sense of Jewish identity, love of Israel, and Jewish tradition, she insisted that my brother an I attend day school, promoted Jewish summer camp, even though she never had those opportunities. She even encouraged us to ship-off to Israel for a year after high school to participate in Habonim’s Workshop program. When the Gulf War broke out twenty years ago, she supported me and brother’s decision to stay and help in Israel.

I am grateful for my mom insisting that I persevere when I was ready to throw in the towel. She has been a great source of advice – my brother Ezra and I still hope that she will someday be able to monetize her God-given talent for listening and giving advice so that she can afford to support her expensive book and cappuccino habit. She is a trained artist and social worker, a born perfectionist who realizes that life is not perfect. She is a compassionate care-giver — now for elderly Holocaust survivors in the Bay Area, twenty-seven years ago when my father was dying of cancer.

My mother deserves accolades and awards, but often gets by with a thank you. She is proud of her two children, a proud and active Bubbe that my children adore. She insists that I write her name with two “m”s.

I hope that I make the time to put down on paper the enormous contribution that she has made to the world via her giant network of friends and family, organizations and communities, artists and musicians, across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel.

She is a truly a woman of valor and I honored to be her son.

Happy Mother’s Day Momm!