What’s Your #ish?

Jewish Federations of North America, aka JFNA, aka The Fed (remember the one’s who created the Jewish Community Hero’s Contest?) have a new campaign they launched called “What’s Your #ISH?”

JFNA is the umbrella org for all the Federations of North America and in that capacity feel responsible for every Jew. Everywhere. Really. I mean I have met these people, and they are serious about loving Jews all over this planet. Check out the video and pass it along to a friend.


Yuri Foreman – Between Two Worlds

Yuri inspired all of us at Jewlicious Festival 6.0 in Long Beach, February 2010. his one-on-one interview with Phil Goodman on Saturday night, was a shining moment.

Curiously, this was the title of an article I wrote about child Holocaust survivors in 1993 that earned me a my first, and only journalism award.

Inner Israel- The Spiritual Dimensions Of Our Homeland


We often get distracted by the politics of right, left and center about what's going on in Israel. we are going to take a break from politics and look at the spiritual dimensions of our homeland.

Lag B’Omer: Kabbalah, Mystics, Bonfires and Music

On Lag B'Omer you can be a Kabbalist for a day.

Lag B'Omer is the largest pilgrimage holiday on the Jewish calendar today.

Lag B'Omer helps us access levels of understanding and opens up the world of mysticism for every Jew.

But what does all of this have to do with hair cuts, bonfires, bows and arrows, Kabbalah, mystics, music, all night celebrations at Mount Meron in Israel?

Good question—we are glad you asked 🙂

Join us to explore all of the meaning, symbols, customs and reasons and understand why this is one of the most mystical days of our tradition – and least understood holidays.