Obama Doesn’t Get Jerusalem

Jerusalem is not a settlement – it is the center of Jewish religious and political life. The President fundamentally has things wrong on Jerusalem.


Thanks to a deadlock engineered by the U.S. government, the Middle East peace process is stalled. President Obama began this stalemate last year when he called for a settlement freeze, and he escalates it now with a major change of American policy regarding Jerusalem.

The president seeks to prohibit Israel from any construction in its capital, in particular in a Jewish suburb of

East Jerusalem called Ramat Shlomo. This, despite the fact that all former administrations have unequivocally understood that the area in question would remain part of Israel under any final peace agreement. Objecting to any building in this East Jerusalem neighborhood is tantamount to getting the Israelis to agree to the division of Jerusalem before final status talks with the Palestinians even begin.

From the start of his presidency, Mr. Obama has undermined Israel’s confidence in U.S. support. He uses the same term—”settlements”—to describe massive neighborhoods that are home to tens of thousands of Jews and illegal outposts of a few families. His ambiguous use of this loaded word raises the question for Israelis about whether this administration really understands the issue.
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World Champ Yuri Foreman on Kimmel Tonight!

Jewlicious Festival presenter, and undefeated World Champ, Yuri Foreman, will make his network TV talk show debut tonight on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, tonight.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (April 29, 2010) — Undefeated World Boxing Association (WBA) super welterweight champion and future rabbi YURI FOREMAN will make his U.S. network television debut on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tonight! Thursday, April 29 (12:05 a.m. ET/PT)

Foreman will then jet back to Brooklyn to resume training for his first title defense, against three-time world champion and the pride or Puerto Rico Miguel Cotto. Cotto vs. Foreman will headline “Stadium Slugfest” — the inaugural brawl at Yankee Stadium, Saturday, June 5. It will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing, beginning at 10:15 p.m. ET / 7:15 p.m. PT.


What Does Obama Have Against Whales?

Japan kills hundreds of whales annualy for "scientific research".

Before a moratorium on commercial whaling was adopted 25 years ago, on average an estimated 38,000 whales were being killed each year. Since the moratorium, that number has dropped to about 1,240, and whale populations have begun, little by little, to rebound. While the system is not perfect – see Whale Wars on the Discovery Channel that chronicles the Sea Shepherd Society’s attempts to stop Japanese whaling – whales now have a chance at survival. However recent administration moves have put into jeopardy the entire whale species, overturning 25 years of successful conservation efforts to save the whales.

Joel Reynolds, a senior attorney and director at the Natural Resources Defense Council in Los Angeles published a thoughtful Op-Ed in today’sLA Times:

The Obama administration argues that the [International] whaling moratorium should be suspended because it has loopholes that are being illegally exploited by Japanese, Norwegian and Icelandic whalers. They believe that after 25 years of conflict within the International Whaling Commission, commercial whaling should be legalized in the hope that, by bringing the killing out into the open through agreed-upon quotas, a consensus eventually will emerge in support of a phase-out of whaling altogether.

America should be concerned. The Obama administration is at best misguided upending a course set 25 years ago to protect the whales. They are not working with natural constituents and supporters that put them into office. They are willing to make sacrifices to a very vulnerable group, in the hope that it will bring influence in other areas. Basically this amounts to appeasement, is dangerous for America and the world. Does this all sound eerily familiar?

The Sea Shepherd Society, Greenpeace, NRDC, and other groups are untied in opposing this move by Obama to renew commercial whaling. These groups rarely agree, but they all realize that this latest affront to conservation is dangerous and must be stopped.

You can send your own note to the White House if you want via Greenpeace

Smoking Email: MSU Planned To “Hijack” Oren Speech

MSU UCI Docs 3 29 10.pdfDuh – was my mom’s reaction, of course it was planned. Well the interesting development is that the group has been pretending that their disruption of Ambassador Oren was spontaneous, in order to protect the group from being penalized.

Turns out the smoking gun emails made public by The Investigative Project prove other wise.

The UCI administration is naturally doing what they always do – deflect, distance, discredit. They are trying to “authenticate the emails”.

Despite claims to the contrary, internal emails from the University of California, Irvine’s Muslim Student Union (MSU) show that the group orchestrated the repeated disruptions of a speech given on campus by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren February 8.

A copy of the email exchanges was sent anonymously to school and local law enforcement officials, who are investigating whether students violated conduct codes or criminal laws, respectively, in deliberately disrupting an invited guest speaker at the school. The emails include a “game plan,” which details the disruption plan down to where the student disruptors would sit, how they would communicate with each other via text messaging, and how to act if campus police began to arrest students.

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