Foward 50

I deplaned at LAX late Wednesday night, to an IM from my friend Shawn Landres congratulating me on being in the Forward 50. Wow, a great surprise.

The Forward 50 began 15 years ago, the brain-child of Seth Lipsky, founding editor of the English Forward, who went in search “of the men and women who are leading the American Jewish community into the 21st century.” …

In the decade and a half since, the dramatic shift in Jewish leadership mirrors lar

ger trends in our society. Just as we no longer go one place for our news, we no longer look to only one powerful person in a position of authority for leadership. This year, in particular, we’ve seen some of the most established organizations questioned from the outside and challenged from within, while those who are creating and innovating seem to have history’s wind at their backs.

Click here to read the article which is mostly accurate!

David Suissa: We Need ‘A Street’, Not J Street

I am reprinting this in whole from a man I respect who grew up in Morocco and is not burden by Ashkenazi neurosis.

We Need ‘A Street’, Not J Street
By David Suissa

I don’t quite get the brouhaha that is going on in the Jewish world about J Street. Some Jews are convinced that this new organization poses a threat to Israel’s interests, while others are equally passionate about the need for an organization that will counter AIPAC and critique Israeli policy for the sake of peace.

I’ve heard all the critiques of J Street, and I agree with many of them. But what I still don’t get is why people are making such a fuss about an organization whose message is so outdated and unoriginal.

Listen to some of their pronouncements and tell me if they don’t equal a triple shot of Valium. Hey, did you know, for instance, that J Street believes in diplomatic solutions over military ones?

And in a negotiated end to the Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts?

And get a load of this: They believe in a two-state solution! Two states living side-by-side in peace and security! Because, they say, ending the Palestinian conflict is in the best interests of Israel, the United States, the Palestinians and the region as a whole.

Talk about going out on a limb. J Street believes it’s really important that we resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No kidding. And what’s their brilliant brainstorm for how to do that? “Consistent and concerted diplomatic engagement by the United States.”

But wait a minute. Haven’t we heard all this before? Like maybe 30 years ago – and at every failed peace meeting since? Read more

Moshav & Shankbone Live @ Carlebach Memorial Concert LA

Shankbone is Back!

11/7/2009 8:00 PM at Congregation Magen David
9717 West Pico Blvd, CA 90035, LA, California 90035
Cost: 20

Join us for this great show with the MOSHAV BAND!

15th Annual Memorial Concert in honor of Reb Shlomo Carlebach Musical performers include: The Moshav Band • Yedidyah Blanton • Yisroel Koch • Lior Kaminetsky • Reb Yona and Shankbone • The Happy Minyan Band • many more… Plus guest speakers sharing stories about Reb Shlomo: Including: David Sacks, Stuart Wax, Rabbi Naftali Citron, Darlene Rose, Rachel Espana & others… MInimum Donations: $20.00 per person This event is also a fundraiser for the Happy Minyan


Get Your Yogi On – Bibliyoga in LA Next Week


JConnectLA presents 2 back-to-back Bibliyoga workshops with the witty, worldly and wise BibiYogi, educator and performer Marcus J Freed of London. Bibliyoga is soulfood for the body that offers a physical-spiritual uplift through powerful yoga, Jewish wisdom and Kabbalah. Yoga for Ecstatic Living: Bibliyoga for the Body & Soul workshops are each one hour vinyasa flow sessions for all levels of yoga from beginner to advanced. Both workshops will be followed by a salon discussion with refreshments at the studio.

WHEN: Two consecutive nights!
Tues., November 10, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. – Part I – “Finding Joy, Peace and Healing”
Wed., November 11, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. Part II – “Becoming Strength, Light and Happiness”

More about Yoga for Ecstatic Living Workshop Series:

Life can be challenging at the best of times and one of the biggest difficulties is how we can live in a way that is happy and peaceful. The Bibliyoga practice is based on ancient Jewish wisdom and dynamic yoga, giving you internal strength to nourish your soul and building external strength to fortify your body. The sessions combine yogic postures and flowing movements (asana and vinyasa) whilst integrating powerful thoughts from the best rabbinic and Kabbalistic masters.

WHERE: L.A.’s premier dance studio – Mimoda Studio Theatre (

5774 W. Pico Blvd (two blocks East of Fairfax) Los Angeles CA 90019
Entrance is on Ogden side, back of the building.

COST: The one hour classes are $15 each and are limited to 50 students each night

HOW: RSVP here and pre-pay at

Wear loose clothes and bring a yoga mat or some will be available for purchase.

WHY: For more on Marcus J Freed and Bibliyoga visit or join Bibliyoga on Facebook OR search Bibliyoga on YouTube