Message from Don Siegelman

Karl Rove abused his power as an official of the Bush White House and has been inextricably linked to the misuse of The United States Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice was used as a political tool to retain and to gain political power, thus perverting our system of justice and subverting rights and freedoms guaranteed by the U S Constitution.

In connection to these and other criminal conspiracies, Karl Rove has been subpoenaed to appear before the U S House Judiciary Committee. If Rove continues to refuse and fails to appear, The House Judiciary Committee must vote to hold Rove in contempt and that must then be voted on by the  entire United States House of Representatives.

It is crucial to the preservation of our democracy and to the restoration of justice that Karl Rove and others, whomever they may be, be held accountable for these crimes against the United States of America.

It is important therefore that each of us do everything within our power to encourage all members of Congress to vote to hold K

arl Rove in contempt and to vote to enforce that ” citation”. This is the only constitutional procedure that is available to us as citizens.

Please write, call and email as many members of Congress as possible and pass this request on to as many of your friends as possible. The Founders of this nation left the preservation of our democracy up to us. It is now our time to take action.

Don Siegelman
Governor of Alabama
Please go to for more action that can be taken to help in this fight for justice.

The mitzvos we can do today

Rabbi Kook, the former Chief Rabbi of pre-State Israel, used to lecture on the subject of the mitzvos all night.  Every year he would begin where he had left off the previous year, going through Maimonides (Rambam) Sefer Hamitzvos.  He would elucidate each one, drawing his vast knowledge.

Here are lists of miztvos we can do TODAY.  Dowload and read – it’s not in depth, but you can cover them all in a  short time.

Negative i.e. Prohibitions , No-no’s

Positive i.e, Things we gotta do, really

Great learning programs in Israel this summer!

Four great ways to spend the summer in Israel in a tolerant and open minded setting with some of Israel’s coolest teachers. Give your soul some nourishment, and catch up on the Jewish education that you missed.

  • Pathways: can join a select group of 40 students on a fun and inspiring 16 day program with meaningful study in Jerusalem and touring around Israel.

    PATHWAYS is a unique program of Jewish Learning with special Jewish Values. It allows you to encounter Jewish sources hands-on, guided by top educators from around the world. And it gives you an unforgettable Israel Experience, fully integrated with your Jewish studies

Work on community service projects throughout northern Israel
Challenging hikes
Typical day features working in the morning with Israelis and your peers, hiking in the afternoon, fun and thought provoking programs in the evening
For young Jewish adults ages 21-30 with minimal Jewish background
  • Shlomo Yeshiva: by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, is a place of spiritual growth for both men and women, respecting each person’s background and individual path.

    The Yeshiva offers serious exploration of a broad spectrum of Jewish teachings including Gemara, Halacha, and Chassidut. The essence of both the men’s and women’s programs is strong, in-depth learning with the unique inner-spiritual connection Reb Shlomo taught us.

    Join a community of people in the heart of Jerusalem, learning Torah together, spending Shabbat together, and discovering Israel together.

    “Let’s go higher and deeper.”

  • Inward Bound:

    At Isralight we believe that Jewish tradition points us to living a holistic spiritual life. Not only is our food kosher, but it is also healthy. Lunch daily is catered by the Carpathian Mountain House Restaurant featuring tasty, organic vegetarian cuisine. If vegetarian fare is not your thing there is always the shwarma and falafel stands located right next door in Jerusalem’s famous Machane Yehuda open air market.

    The day begins with Isralight’s classic Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism Course. Taught by some of Jerusalem’s finest teachers including world renown author and teacher, Rabbi David Aaron. The course examines the “spiritual fundamentals” of Judaism and focuses on the “whys” of Jewish life.

    In the afternoon we present an overview of Jewish life, from a daily class in Biblical literacy to woman’s issues to Jewish History and the connection to the Land of Israel.

My Heart is in the East

By Rick Lupert creator of the Poetry Super Highway, a major internet resource for poets. See below for full bio. This poem is cross-posted at

My heart is in the East
My heart has always been in the east

Once on a trip to New York City, I visited
the old Jewish neighborhoods in the Lower East Side

When the Jews moved to New York City, they gravitated
towards the east their hearts were in the east

On another trip, to London, I took a walking tour of
its old Jewish neighborhood also in the east of that city

When Jews came to London, they also settled in its East
Their hearts are in the east

No matter how far west we’ve been sent,
we always situate ourselves in the East Our hearts are in the east

When I took students to Israel, to show them the place for the first time
They thought they were bringing their hearts with them

Weren’t they surprised to find them already there
beating on the tarmac of Lod,

growing out of the soil under the trees illuminating the golden stone,
Their hearts are in the east

My heart is in the east in the faces of the sabras, in the weight
of the desert rocks, in the sweetness of its fruit

My heart is with them, in the east these impossible beings
living every day just to live.

My heart in the east pays no attention to the lines which separate
this neighborhood from that one.

My heart in the east ignores the obscene barriers
constructed to separate human from human

My heart in the east is an open tent, my family home,
I’ll gladly share with anyone proclaiming peace as their anthem

My heart was in the east in the beginning, when they invented the east
When God said, Hey, why not check out the east, I’ll make it worth your while

My heart is in the east tomorrow, where time has no meaning
Where the heat and the cold hold hands, where our history is our memory

At this moment,
my heart is in the east

When I am in Los Angeles, I am in the east
When I am in Oconomowoc, I am in the east

My heart is always in the East. Sometimes I visit it (and)
Listen to it beat to the beautiful silence of the Sabbath streets

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