Walk the Land

I remember vividly as a child marching in the Israel parades in suburban Detroit. I am not sure how far these marches even went – maybe only a mile. No matter. Marching as a kid with hundreds of Jews from my camps, and with Jews from every generation is a highlight of my childhood. I cherish this memory. It stood out as inspirational, amidst a Jewish communal life that was sorely lacking inspiration. Not until Jewish summer camp was being Jewish that exciting. When I read about Walk the Land’s effort to create Israel walks world-wide in solidarity with Israel on her 60th birthday, it brought back those marches and that great feeling.

The Afikim Foundation based in NY, in solidarity with Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – aka the JNF abroad – has implemented a worldwide effort called Walk the Land in celebration of Israel’s 60th Anniversary. They hope to foster a sense of worldwide unity in support of Israel, and have already more than 100 cities participating.

If you want to participate, check out the list of cities and then register. If you want to start your own walk in your own community, contact them as well. Walkers get some neat swag and a feeling of being part of a worldwide effort. Even Jews in Mumbai are doing it.

The organizers have prepared a very comprehensive support system to help communities that want to undertake a walk – whether as part of a larg

er city walk or on their own. You can use the march to raise funds for important causes. They are distributing large banners with imprints of Israel – and if you hurry they may still have backpacks, water bottles and t-shirts to compliment your walk.

If you can’t BE in Israel for Yom Haatzmaut, you can Walk the Land instead.

P.s. They are also raffling off ten free trip to Israel!

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