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In harms way

soldiers praying

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150 deadly missiles aimed at population centers, hundreds of thousands of Israelis either internally displaced or hiding in shelters. That is just this past Shabbat. In order to root our the cause of the problem in Lebanon, Israel is gradually building a buffer zone, putting the lives of many young soldiers on the line, and sadly some have fallen.

And Israel warns each village and town with flyers and advertisements over the phone, telling them to pack up and move to a place where Hezbollah is not hiding.


have a remarkable people and an amazing country. We cannot expect the world to realize this, or to be sympathetic to our plight. That is everyone but the American Christian right, that understands that Israel is fighting the fight for freedom and against Islam. The Christian right, President Bush among them, have applauded Israel, prayed for Israel, supported Israel, more than even some of our own.

Makes one wonder the amazing ways of Hashem, the mysterious thing that is the world that we cannot understand, but only get the faintest glimpse of the plan.

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Beware of Disinformation


Mitchell Bard says it all here, and I felt it is important to reprint this.

The following information is presented as a public service. It may be reprinted without charge — with attribution.

Fact Sheet Series
BY Mitchell Bard

Beware of Disinformation

A CNN reporter is taken to an area of Beirut and told that the rubble of buildings is a result of Israeli air strikes on civilian targets. The reporter repeats the allegation as fact. He has no way of knowing what was in the buildings, whether it was a rocket workshop, a hiding place for katyushas, the home of a Hizballah leader, or a command center. In fact, he doesn’t even know if the Israel was responsible for the destruction that he is shown.

In waging their propaganda war, Israel’s enemies count on journalists to report first and research later, if at all, and CNN and other media outlets have fallen into their trap.

Israel’s adversaries learned a long time ago that they can attract publicity and sympathy by fabricating statistics and screaming “massacre.” This was the case in April 2002 when Palestinians claimed that 500 people were “massacred” in Jenin. They could not produce any evidence to support the scurrilous charge, and their own review committee reported a death toll of 56, of whom 34 were combatants. By the time the truth was reported, the story had been repeated throughout the world media and Israel’s image was tarnished.

During the last war in Lebanon, disinformation was the norm. Perhaps the most dramatic example occurred when the Washington Post published a photograph (August 2, 1982) of a baby that appeared to have lost both its arms. The UPI caption said that the seven-month-old had been severely burned when an Israeli jet accidentally hit a Christian residential area. The photo disgusted President Reagan and was one reason he subsequently called for Israel to halt its attacks. The photo and the caption, however, were inaccurate. The baby, in fact, did not lose its arms, and the burns the child suffered were the result of a PLO attack on East Beirut.

The media also reported that Israel’s operation to end the PLO threats to northern Israel resulted in 10,000 deaths and 600,000 homeless in south Lebanon. The 600,000 homeless figure originated in mid-June 1982 with the Palestine Red Crescent, headed by Yasser Arafat’s brother Fathi. Francesco Noseda of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who had originally used the bogus number, later repudiated it. By then, however, it was too late and the perception had been created that Israel was responsible for the mass killing of civilians and the creation of a humanitarian disaster.

The Lebanese Prime Minister is trying this tactic again in 2006 by claiming that Israel has perpetrated massacres and has made 500,000 people homeless. No effort is made to confirm these claims, they are simply repeated by the media, thereby reinforcing the incentive for Arab propagandists to spread disinformation.

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Hezbollah Museums up in smoke

In addition to hundreds of military targets, the Israeli army has also been targeting the symbols and particular evil that is Hezbollah. The Jpost reported: The IAF has also been destroying monuments and symbols in southern Lebanon, for example, a museum that glorified the ‘expulsion of the Jews’.

I did some research and it seems that there are two main Hezbollah museums. One of the them a “Islamic Resistance Museum” or “Hezbollah Museum” that is in the Bekaa valley town of Baalbek, originally named after the Phoenician god Baal. It has become the stronghold of Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley. This museum according to several blogs I read, glorifies the murder and death of Israelis and Jews.

Hezbollah’s Museum of Lebanese Resistance is in the parking lot out front. Paul and I dip inside to check out diorama displays of blood-soaked Israeli and American flags and cases full of weapons and other military equipment stripped from the bodies of Israeli soldiers. ….I view the diaries and personal effects of Hezbollah suicide bombers and machine gun attackers. A video of bomb attacks plays in the corner…. (Daniel Chamberlain)
The second “museum” and of course I use this term very tentatively, is located in the Khiam prison in southern Lebanon, well captured in this piece from Slate. This infamous prison was used by the South Lebanese Army, a militia that Israel helped establish.
Perhaps if someone knows of other such museums we can compile a belated Hezbollah travel site.
This New Yorker article from a few years ago is a frightening look at Hezbollah’s capabilities and propoganda.

But the real story behind Hezbollah is Iran. Iran is the spiritual and matierial patron of everything Hezbollah. Iran is bent on creating a permanent museum for the expulsion of the Jews: Palestine Edition, and using Hezbollah to get the ball rolling. Only days before the Hezbollah attack, Iran called for Israel to be wiped of the map, yet again.

I am not an alarmist, and I don’t believe that Israel’s destruction is near. But that does not mean that Israel is safe from harms way. Until Iran’s maniacal madman is brought under control, US forces in Iraq, Israeli civilians, Western democracies and others will continue to pay the price.

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Poles and Israelis building bridges

Polish Radio reports on a new program…

Poland plans to set up a new department, which will deal with developing Polish-Isreali yourth exchange programmes. In the past students from Israel have been visiting Poland during the March of the Living, an event which involves a 2.5 km march from the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz in southern Poland to the Birkenau camp nearby. During and after the commemorations Israeli teens are kept busy mingling with their Polish counterparts. Now Poland would like to broaden this longstanding relationship.

It shows how far we have come.  In 1992, when I published an article stating that there needed to be coordinated programs for Polish and Jewish youth, the Jewish establishment [NYC Board of Jewish Education] questioned my loyalty.