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UC Intifada


Things were very tense. The 25-foot grey wall with bloody images. Masses of women in hijabs and men in Islamic dress, or t-shirts reading “Intifada” and “Free Palestine.” They handed out flyers claiming Israel is committing genocide and using the holocaust to justify it. They starred in anger at the Jews. I went around offering pie and a smile, and was rebuffed by each and every one. It was good pie, boysenberry, and everyone who tried it loved it. But I couldn’t get any of the Muslims to try the pie. They said they would ask “their” Rabbi if it was kosher.

We also handed out balloons. We made lots of friends with the pie and cokes. People were stopping by the tent and bringing friends for the pie. I served E-dud Olmert’s brother Yossi some pie, and he asked if it was kosher. He told some jokes about coalitions. He loved the pie. Yossi was there for a counter speech sponsored by Hillel and Stand With Us. They maxed out the room, and the police closed it off for fire regulations.
not kosher
The police presence kept everything “civil”. Twenty uniformed and another dozen plainclothes policeman were on hand to maintain the “peace” yesterday for Neturei Karta. They showed up fashionably late by half an hour, and proceeded with their mantra that Zionism has hijacked Judaism, that every major Rabbi supports them, that Israel should be abolished and the land controlled by the Muslims. The audience of some 150 people applauded him. Protestors with signs such as “Suicide Bombing is Mass Murder” from StandWithUs stood in a line across from the speakers.

At one point during the afternoon after the speech, as the NK guys walked around campus, a Muslim woman shouted at the them “go back to your country”, and then was told to be quiet, “they are on our side,” their co-patriots responded.

Its clear from the Talmud that we can learn a lot about people from the company they keep. WHo was NK hanging out with, chillin with? Guys with Hamas arm-bands, Intifada t-shirts, seriously off-the-charts Jew hatred, and NK were having a great time with them, smiling and laughing. They were walking all around having a great time.

The NK guy kept trying to insult me with stupid put downs. I was asking how were the Jews in Iran and did he visit them on his recent trip? The second NK guy wouldn’t tell me his name only that he was from Williamsburg. He chained smoked his Marlboros down to the filter. I nicknamed him Mr. Th


We handed out two cases of pies and hundreds of baloons in two hours. Even after the event, couldn’t get any of the administration or the police or the Muslims to try any of the kosher pie we were serving. One woman came by and asked if there was “Palestinian blood in the pie.”

“No,” I replied, “we were all out so we used Christian blood [sic.]” She sneered, “you would use anything you could wouldn’t you Zionists.” Then marched off.

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Singing Hava Nagila to the MSU

wall uciu Stunned Jewish students looked on in disgust at the 25-foot long wall erected by the MSU on campus at UC Intifada. Looking more like an installation of an angry frustrated art student, the wall is plastered with horrific scenes of violence—all of them supposedly of the IDF against innocent children. The wall is guarded by two bozos in military outfits and berets and sunglasses. They are supposed to look tough. I joked with them that they are pathetic IDF soldiers because they have homemade Israeli flag badges, and no guns. Yes, these are unarmed Israeli soldiers. And what good are they guarding the wall that can easily be walked around? Then I announced to everyone that I would explain what this wall was about, much to the consternation of the MSU leadership and Imam. I explained why it was being built etc to a group of students from Korea. more wall Then I told the groups of prospective students that were touring the campus not to go to UCI unless they couldn’t get into any other school. I played by guitar singing Hava Nagila, Heveinu Shalom during the speeches. They filmed me from two angles. I hope they got some nice footage for Al Jazeera. All in all it was a good day to be a protester with an attitude. I tried speaking to the MSU students, but they refused. I told them that we are all made in the image of God, that we should try to talk over things, and that really offended one guy. I said hello in Arabic to a Muslim woman, and a male student yelled at me not to disrespect his sister. And what was the response of the Administration, the ADL, the Federation, the Hillel, the Police? Well, when this random man walked up to the speaker and yelled at him to stop his anti-Semitic diatribes, a Muslims student leapt up and pushed him. The student and the offending man were quickly surrounded by police and pulled away. The Administration just loves these guys. They have even allowed he MSU to break school policies, just so that they can have more time with loudspeakers, keep the PA system on louder than allowed for other groups, erect a wall that effectively blocks pedestrian traffic etc. The Hillel had two tents on either side with posters and flyers. Most students ignored them. The ADL was there to monitor things. I mentioned to the ADL that there was clear intent to incite violence against Jews, that a Jew was pushed. She said the hate mongers and Jew baiters are allowed to speak freely, that the ADL is a civil rights organization. It seems that the only civil rights not protected are the Jewish ones. The Federation was there to monitor the situation, and I hope that they will realize that they need to move on the administration of the school to make this place less a den of thugs and sinister anti-Jewish anti-American propaganda. So I’ll be smiling again today when Neturei Karta’s David Weiss gets up to speak. I have some pies ready—to serve students of course.

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Why UCI should ban the MSU

Taxpayers and foundations and students support universities for the purpose of "preservation, increase, and application of knowledge." But as quoted today in the LA Times, this seems hardly the goals of next weeks hate-fest:

"Instead of the university being a place for dialogue and discussion of important issues, it's being turned into a platform for hate speech and bigotry," said Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, a spiritual adviser at colleges in Long Beach and Orange County.

"This is intentionally inciting and hateful toward the Jewish people of the campus."

Hosting a week-long propaganda seminar entitled "Holocaust in the Holy Land" seems counter to the purpose of the university, the taxpayers money, and at odds with the funding parameters of public monies which many not go to institutions that deny civil-rights to any group.

But even if we say that this might somehow serve the purpose of the university—which it does not—in an abstract way, we are still left with the difficulty, that this week of programming is blatantly anti-Jewish. Topics comparing Israel with Nazi Germany are inciteful, hateful and a pack of lies. The goal is to intimidate Jewish students on the campus, make Jewish students feel ashamed of their Jewishness, and cause other students to look down upon Jewish students.

Were this "program" aimed at any other group, the outcry would be great. But when anti-Jewishness, is disguised in political rhetoric, UCI, Long Beach State, Fullerton State, and other schools bend over backwards to allow it. Imagine though that the political rhetoric were masking militantly anti-Gay or anti-People of color sentimen—what would the reaction be?
The record of the Islamic speakers next week is clear Jews are a dangerous fifth column in the USA with their own agenda to take over America and the world. [FILM CLIP: Zionists [read Jews] control the media by Malik Ali]

The other speakers are bozos, clowns, paraded around in front of non-Jewish groups the country over, claiming to be the real voice of Jews and Judaism.

How absurd.

David Weiss is no more a spokesman for Judaism than Kobe Bryant is for Kosher Cuisine.

Norm Finkelstein, supposed scholar on Israel can't read Hebrew of Arabic. Duh!

So next week, unless a mass of phone calls come in to the University from alumni and those that support the school, we will be witness to an entire Jew-baiting episode of hate and lies, all courtesy of the what is now being called "UC Intifada."

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The cup is really half-full

walls of the old city by David Shaw

Lindsey Lohan studying Kabbalah, Ehud Olmert giving away the Holy Land, The Red Wings lost, and a host of other setbacks this week, its enough to make a grown man cry.

But truthfully there is a silver lining in all of this.

  • The Kabbalah [which means "receipt" in modern Hebrew] Center now looks increasingly like a place for worn out celebs as opposed to a place for real spiritual journeys.
  • Ehud is bound to destroy his own coalition, because Diaspora Jewry, and most Israelis will reject the division of Jerusalem. Ehud, pal, I have some free political advice: Drop the issue.
  • And the loss of my home-team the Red Wings means that there is a chance for someone else to win this year.

More lovely shots of Israel at David Shaw's Website.