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Today’s talk is about Yom Kippur and the High Holidays in general. It really delves into how Yom Kippur works, and what we need to do to have a successful Yom Kippur.

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I apologize that I do not have time to make a wonderfully edited broadcast. All I can manage with my knowledge and time constraints, is to broadcast the classes that I give. If you missed the class, you will appreciate being able to hear it right away. If you heard the talk and want to review something, it will work for you too!

Shana Tova Brothers and Sisters.

Campus Hate Speech Exposed By Film

A recent film by StandWithUs exposes more of what I have mentioned here in this blog. Jewish students are allowed to be targeted by racist Islamic extremists. Jews are fair game. You can say anything you want about Jews and hey, that’s cool.

Abdel Malik Ali said at CSU Long Beach just last week that 9-11 was planned by Bush and executed by the Mossad. His wild conspiracy theories are so outlandish, that even Ron L. Hubbard would be impressed.

Universities do nothing to stop it. Everyone hides behind free speech. Hopefully this new film will help to cause a public outcry, which campus leaders can ill afford to ignore.

The story was picked up by The Conservative Voice:

University officials should prevent people who make claims such as “Zionism is a mixture, a fusion of the concept of white supremacy and the chosen people,” (Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali) or who equate Israelis to a “monkey that’s on the American back” (Imam Muhammad Al Asi) from speaking on campus because, as Rabbi Yonah Bookstein of Beach Hillel illustrates, these speakers make it “increasingly uncomfortable to be Jewish on campus.”