Oncelers At It, Even On TuB’Shvat

Morning paper, La Times (yes groan if you must). Front page article on the Cali section regarding a novel way to pillage and destroy some very nice foersts up north. You see, The Pacific Lumber Co. are Oncelers and are trying to blackmail all of us. They will file for chapter 11 unless we let them cut some forests. If they go chapter 11, they will have no choice but to cut some old growth redwood. Hmm. Pacific Lumber for all of you who don’t know are the most pernicious oncelers, and have pulled these tricks before (See this from 1994 where Maxxam pulled same stunk and won). When we will the world listen to my friend the Lorax, who is obviously a Yid, and a Tu B’Shvat Freak?

Great Article on Rabbis in the Woods, Also against Maxxam

Bankruptcy Threat With an Edge
Lumber firm says environmental safeguards are at risk if

it can’t cut more trees.
By Tim Reiterman Times Staff Writer
January 25, 2005

SACRAMENTO—Timber giant Pacific Lumber Co. has told the Schwarzenegger administration that unless it is allowed to cut more trees, the firm may file for bankruptcy, which it says would likely terminate environmental safeguards promised as part of a $480-million deal struck more than five years ago.

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Jenin Jenin Was a Fake, Its Official

Some of you may know that we created a web site to fight against the film Jenin Jenin. The site, called MyJenin.com, has had hundreds of thousands of visitors. We connect people to articles about the truth to combat many of the lies in the film.

Today, the story broke that the man responsible for the film, has been sued by five Israelis in the film. They are suing for libel. On the stand, the defendant said that he received money for the film from the PA, in other words, from Yassir Arafat. He admits totally fabricating parts of the film, and that it is a propaganda film full of lies.

We have been saying this for a long time. So has everyone in the pro-Israel camp. But many accused Israel of at least some white wash. That maybe there was no massacre like the PA claims, but that the Israelis are at least guilt of atrocities.
Now the bubble has burst. Now the truth is laid bare for all the hypocritical, self hating, terrorist loving folks to admit (maybe they will not be able to) that this, like so much, is phony. The boy being shot by Israelis etc…

I decided to write a letter to the woman who showed the film here in Orange COunty, Emma Rosenthal. I invited her for Shabbat dinner and of course, sent her this news story. I am curious how she will respond.

Dear Emma,
First I would like to invite you for Shabbat dinner at my home on any shabbat that is good for you.
I found this article and thought of your work.

Best wishes-

Rabbi Yonah


JENIN JENIN funded by PA — filmmaker admits falsifying scenes

Posted: 1/17/2005 8:07:00 PM
Author: Aaron Klein
Source: WorldNetDaily

Palestinian producer: False film funded by PA
Documentary claims Israeli army committed war crimes

Posted: January 17, 2005

A Palestinian filmmaker who produced a documentary alleging Israeli troops committed war crimes in a refugee camp admitted in a deposition last week to falsifying scenes, using inaccurate information and obtaining financing for the project from the Palestinian Authority, WorldNetDaily has learned.

Muhammad Bakri, producer of “Jenin, Jenin,” a documentary that claims Israel committed genocide in the Jenin refugee camp in April 2002, admitted in a deposition to inaccuracies throughout his film. The filmmaker is being sued by five Israeli soldiers visible in still footage in the film, which alleges IDF troops killed a “large number” of civilians, mutilated Palestinian bodies, randomly executed and bombed women, children and the mentally and physically impaired, and leveled the entire refugee camp, including a wing of the local hospital.

The documentary doesn’t show footage of the alleged atrocities, but in some scenes, faces of the soldiers now suing Bakri were superimposed over “eyewitness testimony,” and it was indicated they had committed “war crimes.”

But Bakri, in a deposition obtained by WND, admitted he “believed” selected witnesses but didn’t check the information they provided.

“I believed the things that I’ve been told. What I did not believe was not included in the film,” said Bakri. (Kinda sounds like Fat-Ass Michael Moore !!!!!!!)

When asked about a scene in which it is implied Israeli troops ran over civilians, Bakri admitted to constructing the footage himself as an “artistic choice.” He also answered “no” when asked if he believed “that during the operation in Jenin, the Israeli soldiers killed people indiscriminately.”

In perhaps the most explosive element of the deposition, Bakri admitted his documentary, which was screened in theaters around the world, was financed in part by the Palestinian Authority. He said Yasser Abed Rabu, Palestinian minister of culture and information and a member of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat’s executive committee, “covered a part of the film expenses.”

Israel entered Jenin, which was considered a center for terrorist recruitment and operations, as part of its Operation Defensive Shield to crack down on increased suicide bombings by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Israel sent infantry units to fight house-to-house and lost nearly two dozen soldiers to ambushes, Palestinian snipers and booby-trapped houses.

Claims of a massacre were immediately made following the operation by the Palestinian leadership, which spoke of upwards of 500 civilians killed and thousands wounded, but it was later determined 56 Palestinians, mostly gunmen, were killed, and 23 Israeli soldiers died in the battle.

Media accounts, documentary evidence and investigations by several international humanitarian organizations quickly proved there was no massacre.

Bakri’s film features several “witnesses” describing “brutality” by the IDF, claiming Israel attacked and killed “many, many” Palestinians with tanks, planes and snipers, although Bakri never lists the exact number of Palestinians killed.

But a film by Pierre Rehov, “The Road To Jenin,” seems to disprove many of Bakri’s claims, and has been cited in the lawsuit against the Palestinian filmmaker.

One charge by Bakri is that Israel fired 11 missiles at a Jenin hospital, leveling the facility while patients were inside, and later wouldn’t allow emergency personnel to access the area. Hospital manager Dr. Mustafa Abo Gali tells Bakri’s audience, “The whole of the west wing was destroyed. Fighter planes launched their missiles every three minutes.”

But in “The Road to Jenin,” Rehov also interviews Gali, who shows the filmmaker the extent of the damage – a small hole on the outside of a building, with the entire west wing intact. Rehov also provides aerial images of the hospital on the last day of the Jenin incursion showing all sections of the hospital standing normally.

With regard to Bakri’s claim that ambulances weren’t able to reach the area, Dr. David Zangen, the IDF chief medical officer in Jenin during the incursion, describes to Rehov how Israeli soldiers treated many wounded Palestinian fighters, including members of Hamas. Rehov even cuts to a scene of an Israeli soldier authorizing Gali in person to receive any medical supplies he needs for the Jenin hospital.

Writes Tamar Sternthal of the Committee for Accuracy in Reporting in the Middle East, “Even casual observers will notice apparent inconsistencies in the ‘witness testimony’ on which Bakri relies. For example, an older interviewee charges that the Israelis made Palestinian prisoners fully undress: ‘Some people were completely undressed in front of their brothers, sisters and children, who were used as human shields.’ Yet, the accompanying image does not support this claim; it shows a group of Palestinians, some of them without shirts. All wore pants.”

Bakri also claims the IDF shot in the hands an unarmed Palestinian villager, Ali Youssef, and when he couldn’t stand up, they shot his feet. But Rehov found Youssef for his documentary and reveals Youssef was standing in a housing complex with Hamas gunmen when he was shot once in the hand. Israeli medics treated Youssef’s wound, found a congenital heart problem, no foot injury and brought him to Israel for treatment at a hospital in Afula. Hospital papers disclose Youssef was not shot in the leg at all.

Zangen says Bakri uses deceptive filmography techniques to create the myth of a massacre, a charge now supported by Bakri’s deposition. Zangen cites one scene of a tank heading toward a crowd. The scene then blacks out, falsely suggesting the people were all killed, says Zangen. Also, Bakri, who Zangen says was not on scene at any time during the battle to get footage, deceptively juxtaposes images of Israeli tanks and snipers taking aim with pictures of Palestinian children, another charge Bakri has admitted to.

Some of the juxtaposed soldiers include the five who filed suit against Bakri in Tel Aviv court seeking more than $500,000 in damages. The lawsuit, filed in Hebrew and obtained by WorldNetDaily, charges Bakri falsely claims the soldiers committed war crimes.

The five plaintiffs are current reserve soldiers and say their professional lives require constant contact with Palestinians who may recognize their faces from Bakri’s documentary and seek to attack them.

“Bakri’s blatant use of lies and deception to build his one-sided case about Palestinians suffering at the hands of brutal Israel disqualifies it from having contributed to any ‘big truth.’ Rather, ‘Jenin, Jenin’ amounts to incitement fueling vicious propaganda that claims Jews ‘are not even human.'” writes Sternthal. She credits Rehov with exposing the “inflammatory – and defamatory – falsehoods spread by works like ‘Jenin, Jenin.'”

Aaron Klein is WorldNetDaily’s special Middle East correspondent, whose past interview subjects have included Yasser Arafat, Ehud Barak, Shlomo Ben Ami and leaders of the Taliban.

Let Us Ring The Bell of Freedom of MLK

Time for some tough talk from a Rabbi.

I’m sick of hearing anti-Martin Luther King day kvetching from talking heads on radio and TV. Attempts to de-legitimize the holiday by focusing on allegations of MLK’s impropriety usually dominate the reactionary, empty-headed, mouthpieces that pass for cultural and political criticism today. I have heard some go so far as to claim that this day is illegitimate. It is legitimate to argue about what is the best way to commemorate the leading symbol of the Civil Rights struggle. It is fitting to discuss where we are today in relation to the battles of yesterday. It is time to make an accounting of the past and build for the future.

However, those cretins who seek to ignore, yeh to destroy, the legacy of MLK, and the national holiday which bears his name, are cantankerous ogres in search of legitimacy. They are venomous monsters who aim to not only destroy the good, the absolute righteousness that MLK fought for with words and deeds, but to revert America to a stratified, segregated, white-male dominated society, where women, minorities, and the disenfranchised ride in the back.

As Jews we have a moral obligation, a mitvah, to categorically reject these false-prophets which preach the hate and bigotry, whether they wear a white klan outfit, or a three-piece-suit. As Jews we must utilize this day to make peace between nations, between Blacks and Jews, between natural allies, so that we can focus on the major battles of the day: ending genocides, stopping slavery in Sudan, fighting Islamic terror and ideology, providing food, shelter, and healthcare to the disenfranchised, the poor, the downtrodden.

When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Just Following Orders

A man is ordered to do a heinous act. Then when caught, he blames others. It is an old saga, and as I heard the defense on the Abu Ghraib Torture Case, it sent shivers down my spine. Spc. Charles Graner, who bears no regrets over the matter it appears, did the bidding of his superior officers.

How can anyone with a conscience or knowledge of right and wrong have such a defense? There are times when a person must act with his conscience, and if he knows something to be wrong, he must refuse to participate. Yes, he may pay a penalty, but the penalty is often minimal.

There was a study done by Christopher Browning, author of Ordinary men, and other historians about the killing squads of the Nazis. The infamous Eisatzgruppen that slaughtered men, women and children across Eastern Europe. Many of the men claimed that they were forced to do the work.

In a study of German documents, they found that any soldier that had refused to take part in the killing was transferred. They were not ordered on penalty of death to carry out their operations. On the contrary, those that couldn’t stomach the slaughter were placed in new companies and given more mundane work. The Nazis didn’t want moral folks on the front lines of the killing machine. They needed those who were just going to carry out the work. And of course, they catalogued their horrific crimes in documents, film, and photographs. Making the case against them easy to prosecute.

There is the famous Israeli army code called the Purity Of Arms, where a soldier has the right to refuse to carry out an order, even in war, without penalty of death. He may be imprisoned for refusing an order, but each episode will get a fair hearing. If the soldier was found to be disobeying an immoral and wrong order, they are released.

Once upon a time, if a soldier refused an order in warfare they would be summarily shot, and this holds true today in some armies. But there in Iraq, behind the walls of he prison, there was no such pressure on these soldiers. There was no ax held over their heads. The worst that could happen is they will go to jail for not listening. The penalty for this is much less that the 17 years that Graner should get for his crimes.

Now I am not advocating that we treat terrorists with five star accommodations. However, the abuse of the prisoners had nothing to do with getting them to reveal ticking-bomb type information. It was pure and sickening sadism, in the spirit of the worst offenders of modern times.

Graner, his friends, and his defense lawyers, after they loose this case, should have to sit through the hearings of the Nuremburg trial, where humanity, without hesitation, vetoed the notion that “a good soldier does the bidding of his officers.â€? If the order is evil, a soldier must refuse. Graner is not a Nazi. He tortured, performed sadistic acts, humiliated, and enjoyed his work— but did not murder them afterwards. However his defence teams’ plea leaves such a bad taste, and Graner appears so glib, saying “I feel fantastic,” to the press, that one cannot help but feel that his penalty should be so severe so as to send a clear message to the world: Graner was wrong and will pay the price.