Who Knows One? I Know one. One is the Hip Hop Hagaddah

socalledDon’t break your back to talkradio or NPR cleaning your house this weekend. Don’t wipe out Chometz to dull Jewish rhythms. Put on SoCalled’s Hip Hop Hagaddah for an entirely alternative and enjoyable Passover mood.

JDub is offering this shmaltz-free, matzaness for only $7.99 this week before the chag. Don’t sit there letting your sponge cake harden.

Last year Socalled ripped and rocked on stage at Jewlicious Festival. He is an amazing soul on and off stage. A menchlech yid who is authentic,travels the world, and lives the way he plays.

Hip-Hop Hagadah is a stereophonic journey, a creative and wonderful tribute to the festival of Freedom. Using an endless array of samples from older Passover recordings, original lyrics in English and Yiddish, unstoppable beats and rhythms, Hip Hop Hagaddah is an essential part of the contemporary musical celebration of being Jewish. One note of caution: parental discretion is advised on some tracks. This is not an Uncle Moishe and the Hip Hop Seder.

From the producers:

THE SOCALLED SEDER: A HIP HOP HAGGADAH, it’s newly produced, recorded and mastered in NYC. Features cameos by Wu Tang Clan’s Killah Priest, Matisyahu, Mr. Bungle’s Trevor Dunn, Montreal’s queen of country Katie Moore, David Krakauer, Susan and Elaine Hoffman Watts, and more.

Eliyahu Hanavi has not been sung with this much soul since Yossel Rosenblatt crooned in Warsaw.

I wish SoCalled was on my shuffle as a I jostled in the lines at the kosher emporium o

n La Brea. I bought organic whole wheat shmura matzos that cost about as much as a pound of gold. I’ll write more when the spirit moves me.

Song links:
Who Knows One? (based on a traditional passover song):

2nd Cup: Bless the Wine:

10 Plagues featuring Killah Priest

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