Whale Wars

Meanwhile, while we are lighting our menorah for Chanukah, there are brave people trying to stop Japanese whalers in the South Seas.


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin closed in on one of the vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet at 0730 Hours GMT (1930 Hours Sydney Time) on December 26th off the coast of the Australian Antarctic Territory north of the Mawson Peninsula.

The Kaiko Maru emerged from dense fog in front of the Steve Irwin. The Sea Shepherd crew pursued and delivered 10 bottles of rotten butter and 15 bottles of a methyl cellulose and indelible dye mixture.

“That is one stinky slippery ship,” said Sea Shepherd 2nd Officer Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden.

The Japanese ship was ordered out of the territorial waters of Australia by Australian citizen Jeff Hansen from Perth, Western Australia. The message was delivered in Japanese.

Animal Planet has been airing a series on

last year’s Whale Wars. It is gripping and interesting TV, most of all because this entire drama is usually so far away. With the TV reality show, on TV, on YouTube, and online, the drama to save the world’s whales has never before been so tangible.

Seeing the carcasses of these majestic creatures dragged bleeding through the waters onto the Japanese ships makes a lasting impression.

We need to stop whale killing by commercial ships – it serves no purpose other than continued decimation of the largest mammal on Earth. Native peoples that consume small numbers of whales are not the problem – it is the Japanese. They are the ONLY country that refuses to ban whaling.

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