USC opens $175 Million Film School—Can’t Find 100k To Save Student Lives?

Two USC students walking Saturday night were hit by a speeding maniac.

Adrianna Bachan, 19, and Marcus Garfinkle, also 19, were in a crosswalk on Jefferson Boulevard at Hoover Street about 3 a.m. Sunday when a car heading east on Jefferson ran a red light and struck them, according to police.

Adrianna was dead instantly, and Marcus his holding on to life be a thread.

A USC Vice-President, Michael Jackson, was quoted in today’s LA Times as saying it’s difficult to stop someone from running a red light.

The man should be checked for a pulse. Is he alive or is he made of stone.

Meanwhile the LA Times just ran an article about the $175,000,000 that USC spent on a new Film School.

And USC doesn’t have $100,000 for a pedestrian bridge?

As seen in this article excerpt below – they think that 10,000 students making a pilgrimage daily across a busy street is just the way it goes.

Michael Jackson, USC’s vice president of student affairs, said university officials have been proactive in trying to cope with the heavy amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic around campus and will install a light within the next few months at 28th and Hoover streets, where another student was struck and injured earlier this year.

Jackson said the Jefferson-Hoover intersection sees an enormous amount of pedestrian traffic because some 1

0,000 students live north of Jefferson Boulevard.

“Just imagine,” he said. “That’s a lot of people going back and forth.”

Jackson said university officials have worked with the city to improve the intersection and that a new system was implemented within the last couple of years that allows pedestrians to cross at several points while all traffic is stopped.

He said officials are planning to reexamine the spot after Sunday’s fatality, but that it’s difficult to stop someone from running a red light.

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