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UCI Deals With Claims of Anti-Semitism—from Mark LeVine

…But the OC Register does a inadequate job of showing the anti-Semitism. In a large, nearly two page article with large pictures, the Register misses crucial parts of the issues, and gets other things wrong.

But the best line in the article, the line that sends you to the floor in astonishment is not by a Muslim student, or by one of the racist speakers that the MSU bring every semester. No, the most racist and abhorrent comment in today’s OC Register comes from none other than a Jew, Mark Levine.

“The only thing that would satisfy the critics now would be if they expelled every Muslim student and painted stars of David on all the buildings,” said LeVine, whose criticism of Israeli policies has caused some critics to dub him as a “self-hating Jew.”

This is a knowingly false and anti-Semitic comment. I am one the harshest critics of UCI and I find this statement disgusting both in its intent and its sentiment. Critics want UCI to be a safe place for ALL students to learn unhindered and unafraid.

LeVine has some interesting things to say about the British Boycott of Israeli Academics in an online article called Why Stop at Boycotting Israel?. He says basically that the boycott is hypocritical. That to single out Israel as being alone in deserving of a boycott is wrong, unless we are going to boycott everyone for all the bad they have done and are doing. America is on stolen land and so forth.  But he doesn’t disagree with the idea of the boycott.

Prof. LeVine- why don’t you consider Jews as the native population that were driven forcibly from their land? Why with all your “scholarship” have you not considered the Roman expulsion of the Jews from Jerusalem, and hundreds of other villages and towns in Israel to be ethnic cleaning? Why do you label Zionism as European colonialism and not a Jewish right to self-determination in the land they were forcibly removed from?

Jews never left Israel, Prof. LeVine. Jews never relinquished ownership of Israel. Jews never forfeited their rights to the land that they lived in for a millennium. Jews never acquiesced in their desire and yearning and prayers to return to Israel.  Jews never forsake their Mi

ddle Eastern heritage. Jews preserved the oldest Semitic language as their holy tongue through 2000 years of exile. Jews remembered the names of hills and valleys, of wells and burial caves, for thousands of years.  Jews have been rootless, aliens, nationless, victims of genocide, forcible conversions, pogroms, blood libels, burning at the stake, all because they refused to relinquish their beliefs.

And one last questions: Prof. Levine, can you read and speak modern Hebrew?

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  1. G.K.
    G.K. says:

    I am so tired of all the babies whining about antisemitism. This is the greatest country on earth.If you think it is so bad in America, leave!!!! You will not be missed.I think all of you have it wrong. We are in America. We have freedom of religion. We are safe. We can practice our faith however we want. Why make such a big deal about Israel? Look, nobody is forcing people to live there. If it is so dangerous why do they not come to New York or Detroit or Miami.I think American Jews have to pick a country to whom they are going to be allied. If they want to choose Israel, let them, but then quit whining about how dangerous it is. Hey, we have free choice. If a person chooses to live in a dangerous, war torn, third world country be my guest.
    Give me my 2 car garage, my house and swimming pool. I do not want to have to worry about my family being blown to bits by some other lunatic who is fighting over a piece of property which cannot even grow weeds. America is the Golden Medina folks, so get over it. Stop playing GI Joe and come back to America where you belong.

  2. Dr. G
    Dr. G says:

    I am sorry. I have to agree with the poster who said to stop whining. There is nothing holy about the secular state of Israel. It is just another foreign drain on American dollars. Our so called friendship with Israel has caused us most of the international problem and many of the national problems we have. You are either American or Israeli…choose.

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