To bomb or not to bomb

iran bombDoes he have nukes on the way or not. Here are some theories:

  • The war mongering went on for so long that we could not keep up the drum beats any longer. We have to rewind, and then start them up again.
  • This news discredits the Atom watchers in Vienna, the Israelis, and … the Iranians.
  • Instead of making Ahmeddinnerjacket into a Ogre, they make him into an impudent little prick with no bomb.
  • This gnu attempt in order to embolden so-called opposition in Iran, deflate Mahmoud’s international grand Muslim messiah-hood, and make all the folks that have been betting their horses and political capital backing Mahmoud, that they got had by a rug salesman.

And last but not least…

  • I guess we need some of that Iranian oil, see, and well, we can’t be buying it from some nuke-maniacs, now can we? Nah, so you see, we have to revise our estimates. Yeh, thats it. Yeh thats the ticket. Those Persians have some good crude oil.

and last but not least…

  • Well, them ZIONISTS must be behind this new Iran thing. You know what I mean?

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