The race has just begun


We have come such a long way with all of your help and grassroots support in the UJC Community Hero campaign. Because of your daily voting, your caring and persuasive emails to friends and family, your Tweets, Retweets and Facebook status posts and shares, Jewlicious Festival is leading the pack as the current winner of the contest.

The race is far from over, though…… We need your help tonight and tomorrow for 1000 votes in the next 12 hours. With your help (and your friends, family’s, co-workers, and even the neighbor you’ve never met…..yet), we can secure a steady lead.

To paraphrase CK, a vote for me is a vote for Jewlicious Festival (where the entire donation will be received), a vote for Rachel, a vote for our kids, our students, the volunteers and staff of the Fest, Jewish life on our college campuses, for young professionals from LA to Baltimore, and all that is Jewlcious.


Thanks in advance for your time and support and remember to vote today, tomorrow, and every day until Oct 6.

If you are so inclined (and even if you aren’t, its ok, everyone’s doing it) feel free to forward this email on, vote well, and vote often!!!