The origins of Greenkeit

It has become clear to us here at Jewlicious that such a forward-thinking organization must be more environmentally aware, and not just more aware, but that we must actually take steps to be more green.  From the smallest things – that we have been doing all along – to larger steps that we’re implementing this year for the first time, Jewlicious Festival 4.0 will expand our consciousness, show us that there are better ways, and take us one step closer to fulfilling our Jewish obligations to be Shomrei Adamah (to be guardians of the Earth). 

This year Jewlicious Festival is taking a two-stage approach to being green.  First, throughout the planning process we have worked within a Greenthink paradigm to ensure that greenkeit is integrated into the very fabric of the Festival.  Second, we are providing opportunities at the Festival for you to take greenkeit into your own hands.

A note about GREENKEIT:  In Yiddish, Judaism is called Yiddishkeit.  Jews are called on to be shomrei adamah, guardians of the earth.  So, the word greenkeit represents our Jewish environmentalism or our environmental Judaism.

Here’s what we’ve done and what you can do to make your Jewlicious Festival experience more green.  Look for our green kite signs throughout the Festival grounds to know where we have implemented our greenkeit and where you can do something more green. 

p://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=dvm6hfp_101dwjzr5dx&hl=en" target="_blank">Click here to see the Greenkeit Manifesto at Jewlicious.

I will be starting a new blog called Greenkeit about Judaism and the Environment.