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The British are once again talking nonsense, which sadly has major implications. According to a report in the NYTIMES, the Brits claim that Israeli policies in East Jerusalem are preventing future peace deals that the Palestinians will except. Hmmm.

EU: Israel’s E. Jerusalem policy endangers final-status talks

By Haaretz Service

The European Union’s diplomatic representatives have sharply criticized Israel’s policies in East Jerusalem, saying i

t is using settlements and the West Bank separation fence to create a “de facto annexation of Palestinian land,” American and British newspapers reported Friday.

The unpublished report warns that the Israeli measures “are reducing the possibility of reaching a final-status agreement on Jerusalem that any Palestinian could accept,” The New York Times reported.

When you guys figure out Northern Ireland, get back to us, ok? Jews have a right to live in all parts of Jerusalem. The Jordanians kicked all Jews out of Jersalem, they did not allow any Jews to live or visit there.

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