The Essence of The Hashem-Conscious Existence IS Shabbos!

Jewlicious Laya has brought to our attention a No Shopping Day campaign. And she points out that:

It also happens to be the beginning of official “Shabbatâ€? day, where for a whopping 25 hours, millions of observant Jews the world over agree not only to both buy nothing, but also to drive nowhere, stepping back from the consumer binge and shopocalypse as well as helping decrease our dependence on foreign oil while simultaneously giving the ozone a break. We aid water conservation by not taking showers. We also agree to not allow electronic media to interfere with our interpersonal relationships and spend the day connecting to friends and family as human beings, not MSN’s or voices on the telephone. We allow intimacy to grow between us because we are in no rush. We connect and converse in the classic way of all humanity, over a table of good food and wine. We step back to remember what it is to be human.

We do this not just once a year but 52 times a year. Damn, Jews are so hip.

So I commented to Jewlcious that yes… BUT lets us also not forget that Hashem commands us to take a day of rest. The entire day is Hashem-inspired and connected. Shabbos Hayom La’Shem we sing, Shabbos is a day for Hashem. By dedicating the day for Hashem, we have time for the quality of life additions. In the Hashem-conscious life of Torah, Shabbos is a day of mystical revelation, procreation, and inspiration. Prayer, connecting our souls on high, singing, lots of singing from the heart, from folk-song table melodies to transcendent niggunim in shul. Making a tish, a gathering of souls in order to elevate humanity and existence through song, blessings, food, and words of Torah.

The essence of the Hashem-conscious existence IS Shabbos, in its radic

al message, an acknowledgment that Humanity is not supreme, but wholly dependent on Hashem’s continuous perpetuation of creation, and awareness that our souls need constant, or minimally weekly, nourishment and rejewvenation, by connecting to the Soul-Creator, to Hashem, bringing the soul to simcha, to existential joy, a state of being that opens a high-speed connection with the Creator of All.

Good Shabbos Good Shabbos Good Shabbos. Shabbos is Good!

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