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The cup is really half-full

walls of the old city by David Shaw

Lindsey Lohan studying Kabbalah, Ehud Olmert giving away the Holy Land, The Red Wings lost, and a host of other setbacks this week, its enough to make a grown man cry.

But truthfully there is a silver lining in all of this.

  • The Kabbalah [which means "receipt" in modern Hebrew] Center now looks increasingl
    y like a place for worn out celebs as opposed to a place for real spiritual journeys.
  • Ehud is bound to destroy his own coalition, because Diaspora Jewry, and most Israelis will reject the division of Jerusalem. Ehud, pal, I have some free political advice: Drop the issue.
  • And the loss of my home-team the Red Wings means that there is a chance for someone else to win this year.

More lovely shots of Israel at David Shaw's Website.

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