The Big Idea

Gary Rosenblatt writes in his latest op-ed “What’s the Big Idea?” about the good and bad in looking for a silver bullet to solve the issues which seriously impact Jewish life and the future of Jewish life in America. He writes:

Jewish life doesn’t really need another Big Idea. It already has one, and it dates back thousands of years. Judaism gave the world the concept of monotheism, produced the Torah and a set of commandments and rituals that have sustained us as a people ever since, as well as the notion that we have a relationship with our Creator and are partners in repairing the world.

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One big idea is enough. The challenge today is not to come up with another one but to fulfill our original role as “a light unto the nations,” not in the sense of superiority to others but rather as humble models, still and always dedicated to leaving the world a better place for our children than the one we inherited from our parents.

Perhaps then the Big Idea is to enable Jewish America to better learn from and draw upon the wisdom and beauty of the Torah.