Carter forsakes Tibet, Darfer: Should Israel Pay-up?

Perhaps the Chinese have been stuffing Jimmy Carter’s pockets – most likely through donations to his foundation. [Recently we have seen how they stuff the pockets of another former prez – Clinton] Back in 1980, Jimmy Carter led the boycott of the Moscow Olympics in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. But when asked if he supported a boycott over Chinese aggression in Tibet, <a href=”″>he replied</a>:

“That was a totally different experience in 1980, when the Soviet Union had brutally invaded and killed thousands and thousands of people,” he said, rejecting the idea of boycotting the Beijing games to protest China’s crackdown in Tibet. He did not address whether just the opening ceremonies should be boycotted.

It is only totally different only if you are being paid by the Chinese. If you are a true humanitarian, and defender of people’s rights to self-determination, as Carter proclaims ot the world, you know that the results of China’s invasion of Tibet has been much, much worse than anything the Soviets did in Afghanistan.

China invaded Tibet on March 10, 1959. According to Tibetan sources, since then 87,000 people have been died. China has carried out a policy to destroy Tibetan culture through destroying Tibetan cultural/religious centers, transplanting millions of ethnic Chinese there, brutally repressing opposition, and forcing into exile the Tibetan leader.

Remember last year, Carter returned from Darfur proclaiming it was not a genocide by the Sudanese government, but a regional conflict. This is the standard line of the Muslim totalitarian regimes, who stuff millions into the coffers of the Carter Foundation. China is also under fire for major supporter of Sudan, and not doing enough to pressure the Sudanese.

Today, Carter roams around Israel, visits Sderot, gets rebuffed by Israel’s leaders, and ignored by the Shin Bet. Any goodwill created when they inked the Peace deal with Egypt nearly 30 years ago has evaporated. I just have one suggestion for the Israelis – pay up. For a mere 5 million of so, Carter could “re-examine” his views on the subject. He could “have a new understanding” and become more of an ally. We could get a ghost writer from the Shalem Center to whip together a new book too.

As it says in Pirkei Avot, “K’ne l’cha chaver”, “acquire for yourself a friend.” It will do Israel a lot more good to support Jimmy Carter with backsheesh, than to rebuff him.

Put out the Olympic Torch

Ending of the Olympic Torch relay at Olympics in Nazi Germany, 1936.With the Festival of Freedom in a few days, I cannot help but think of the people in Tibet, Burma, Darfur*, the child laborers, the victims of the totalitarian regime which imprisons and tortures dissenters. China is one of the world’s leading human rights abusers. Keep up the pressure on China and companies that are backing the Olympics. Keep up pressure on our politicians to act. Keep up pressure on the Olympic Torch as it makes it way around the globe as a way of focusing the world’s attention of the violence that China commits at home and abroad. And put out the Torch.

The route of the Olympic Torch is being constantly adjusted today to avoid the thousands of protesters on the streets of SF. They had to cut short the route. Hundreds of policemen wielding long batons are keeping protesters off the street. The large rally at the end of the route will have to do without the torch. It has been canceled. Of course, thousands of pro-Chinese protesters are also along the route, at times scuffling with pro-Tibet protesters.

One of the symbols of the torch relay is especially repugnant for me. There is this team of blue-clad Chinese runners that accompany the torch that are in fact security guards with paramilitary training. They are violent. As they go through the streets of SF I noticed they continued their violent ways as in London and Paris. They are blocking, pushing protesters, and not athletes in any sense. The Times in London reports:

China’s blue-clad flame attendants, whose aggressive methods of safeguarding the Olympic torch have provoked international outcry, are paramilitary police from a force spun off from the country’s army. The squad of 30 young men from the police academy that turns out the cream of the paramilitary security force has the job at home of ensuring riot control, domestic stability and the protection of diplomats.

The entire torch ceremony was created by Nazis for the 1936 Olympics. The propaganda department of Nazi Germany created a route through countries they would eventually conquer after 1939, and ended at the Nazi stadium in front of huge swastikas.

The Olympic Torch relay started with a totalitarian regime in Nazi Germany in 1936, and it should end now in 2008 as it is being used for propaganda by another totalitarian regime. The “blue-shirts” protecting the Olympic Torch, remind me of the “brown shirts” Nazi thugs on the streets of Germany, the US, and Britain.

Put out the Torch, its parade through free societies is a mockery.

*China is a major backer of the government in Sudan.

The Tibet Lobby



From The Tibet Lobby
Honoring the Dalai Lama with the Congressional Gold medal was yet another saga in the Tibet Lobby’s stranglehold on common sense in our foreign policy. This medal angered one of our best allies, one billion Chinese, for a tiny minority group that has its tentacles wrapped around congress. The authors, Shmearsheimer and Dolt, argue that Tibet’s Foreign Policy has replaced American Foreign Policy. Unless Tibet’s influence is mitigated, America is bound to go down the road to self-destruction.

Publisher’s Weakly:

Starred Review. Expanding on their notorious 2007 article in the Bejing Review of Books, the authors increase the bang of their firecracker claims about the malign influence of the pro-Tibet lobby on the U.S. government. Shmearsheimer and Dolt, political scientists at the University of Chicago and Harvard, respectively, survey a wide coalition of pro-Tibet groups and individuals, including American Tibetan organizations and political donors, Buddhist fundamentalists, ultra-liberal officials in the executive branch, media pundits who smear critics of an independent Tibet as anti-Buddhist and the American-Tibet Public Affairs Committee, which they characterize as having an unchallenged hold on Congress. This lobby, they contend, has pressured the U.S. government into Far East policies that are strategically and morally unjustifiable: lavish financial subsidies for Tibetan strongman the Dalai Lama despite his occupation of Indian territory; needless American confrontations with Tibet’s foes China and Outer Mongolia; uncritical support of Tibet’s 1959 militant uprising, which violated the laws of war; and the Cold war, which almost certainly would not have occurred had [the Tibet lobby] been absent. The authors admit heavy conspiracy mongering, noting that the lobby’s activities constitute quasi-legitimate, if misguided and immoral, interest-group politics, as American as obesity. Considering the authors’ academic credentials and the careful reasoning and meticulous documentation with which they support their claims, the book is bound to rekindle the controversy. (Nov.)
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