Working Better Together

Those who know my wife Rachel, know that she is an amazing woman. A recent  article in the LA Jewish Journal, Rachel Bookstein: Working Better Together, has made this a little more well known.  It also reveals some steamy details you won’t want to miss. While I have not read through all the articles in this lengthy report, I imagine they are worth the read. I thank the Jewish Journal and Danielle Berrin for including Rachel, a 21st Century, blogging, Oxford educated, non-profit directing, inspirational Rebbitzin.

For the Booksteins, partners in building the Long Beach Hillel community and the co-creators of the popular youth-oriented Jewlicious Festival, work and home are completely entwined. More than rabbi and rebbetzin, they serve as a model married couple for hundreds of Jewish students. Unlike many of Bookstein’s rebbetzin contemporaries, her journey as a powerfully identified Jewish woman began long before she married a rabbi. She studied feminism in college and has long struggled with how to live as an observant Jewish woman in the modern world.

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