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President Carter, on The Daily Show, Links Parisian Massacres With Israeli Arab Conflict

President Jimmy Carter has done amazing work with building shelters for homeless people, and curing diseases in third-world countries. He is a humanitarian, and has helped millions.

Yet, his Carter’s assertion on the Daily Show (see video below) that the Israeli-Arab conflict played “a role” in the massacre of newspaper writers in Paris loudly calls attention to the fact that Carter is completely off-balanced on Islam, terrorism, and the Arab-Israel conflict. Charlie Hebdo was revenge for Mohammed cartoons and much more. But not the Arab Israeli conflict.

The Jewish supermarket massacre, however, was revenge on Jews and certainly connected to the Arab-Israel conflict. But Carter never distinguished between the two. (The Yemen based terrorists who took responsibility for Charlie Hebdo don’t even take responsibility for the massacre of the Jews.)

There has been no doubt since Carter published his book against Israel, Peace not Apartheid, that his legacy will be forever linked with his anti-Israel stance. He not only blames Israel for the conflict, he even blames Israel for things that Israel is not even doing: like apartheid and occupying Gaza.

I will never forget that when President Carter spoke at UC Irvine in May 2007, during my tenure as there as campus Rabbi, he told an arena full of students about Jewish control of congress which prevents peace in the middle east.

In this video below President Carter also reiterates the Israel should withdraw from East Jerusalem – which is saying to the Jews, “hey you don’t really want that Western Wall anyway.”

All President Carter’s work fighting disease in the third world has not rid him of the disease of antisemitism.

(Stewart’s line that these murderers in Paris use religions as a pretext is also simply wrong, but he is a TV show host, and not a world leader.)


The Hostage Taker

mahmoudTwenty-two years ago today Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led an attack on the American Embassy. As part of the planning committee, he helped organize and ultimately participated with and another 300-500 students as they attacked the embassy and started the “Tehran hostage crisis.” Jimmy Carter was president.After releasing women and African American hostages, they experienced long periods of solitary confinement, and for months were forbidden to speak to one another. What was Carter’s response? He did not declare this an act of war. On the contrary, he appealed on humanitarian grounds, and proposed that Iran and the US form an anti-Communist alliance. He seemingly ignored the fact that clerics and imams in control considered the US a great Satan, and the country that had given refuge to the Shah.

“Carter applied economic and diplomatic pressure on Iran: oil imports from Iran were ended on November 12, 1979, and through the issuance of Executive Order 12170, around US$8 billion of Iranian assets in the U.S. were frozen by the Office of Foreign Assets Control on November 14. Many Iranians in the U.S. were also expelled. *

None of this worked. And the failed “rescue” attempt six months later was also a disaster.
The 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days

Right now in Iran there are Americans being held against their will on phony charges.

Of course, the Iranian madman’s office vehemently deny that Mahmoud was a hostage taker. One look at this picture taken during the crisis at the US Embassy, and the testimony of former hostages though tell a different story.

Mahmoud, the hostage taker, is a lying, calculating madman, holding the world hostage with his threats of nuclear weaponry. If history is any judge, he has nothing to fear from America for his actions.