Celebrate The JewYear w/ Moshav

What better way to ring in the secular New Year Saturday Night than with an intimate concert with MOSHAV?

Join us in the lounge and bar at COW on Saturday, January 2nd, 9pm for a chill, intimate concert with Moshav!

Tickets are $10 presale and $20 at the door. There are a limited number of tickets so get yours before they’re sold out!

The party will be at A Cow Jumped Over the Moon – 421 N. Rodeo Drive (Rodeo Collection – Garden Level) Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Co-sponsored by Jewlicious Festivals

Students $10 at door with ID space

permitting. 18+


Eggs & Bacon (Lamb Bacon that is)

lamb bacon I have enjoyed now for the second time in a week the most delicious breakfast: Eggs and Bacon.

Now hold a second, Rabbi, bacon is trief! Or so I thought.

Jewlicious Festival veteran, and supervisor of culinary arts at the Festival’s VIP wine tasting, Chaim Davids, delivered to me as a house warming gift a package of his home-made Lamb Bacon. LAMB BACON!

Davids is the chef behind The Kitchen Table in Mountain View, CA:

The Kitchen Table serves California Artisinal cuisine with a twist: We are the only certified glatt Kosher restaurant in northern California. We dairy-free and peanut-free, and use only the freshest ingredients. All breads are baked on premises, and the pastrami and corned beef are cured and smoked in-house.

I have not made the pilgrimage to TKT, but those who have – including many of the guests I met at Herzog Wine Cellar’s Tierra Sur Resturant for the Lorne Mackillop & Tomintoul Whisky Dinner last week – rave in superlatives about TKT.

I came across a quote by Anthony Bourdain: “If you want to make people happy, give them bacon.” I get it now. The umami alone is enough to beg for more.

Thank you Chaim Davids, thank you TKT, thank you Rachel. Good Shabbos.

Cast your vote for Jewish Unity

We are in the final hours of a contest that I never thought I would be in—let alone be leading. However, thanks to amazing support from around the world, we are a couple thousand votes shy of our goal.

The winner of the UJC Heroes Contest receives $25,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. I have pledged to expand Jewlicious Festival if we win, doing more than ever before.

Can you spare a few seconds to vote? To post a link on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace?

Jewlicious Festival is a place in time for young Jews to gather, to explore, to celebrate being Jewish. It’s an event unlike any other in Jewish history, uniting people from across ethnic, social, religious and political lines.

Jewlicious is Woodstock, Jewish Summer Camp, Mt. Sinai and Burning Man rolled into three non-stop days. We had 1,000 participants last year in just one location – we hope to bring the experience to 10,000 more.

Please – take a second to vote, and spread the good news – Jewlicious Festival, a place of unity that we so badly need in the Jewish world today, is leading the UJC Hero Contest and only a few votes from our goal of 100,000.

Please – pass the word. Don’t delay – we have only until tonight, 9pm PST.

Vote now!

May all your dreams and prayers this year be realized.


Jewlicious Festival Gives Me Hope

Acharit Hayamim's music is a psychadelic reggea journey through psalms and chassidut.

Acharit Hayamim

Jason Lipeles blogging the Festival over on the Jewish Journal’s Bloggish:

My adrenaline is still rushing, my heart is still pounding, and, most importantly, my mind is still racing after attending Jewlicious Festival 5.0 this past weekend. Not only did I dance at the Saturday night concert and sing along at the 45-minute Havdallah Jam, I also discussed environmental activism with passionate young people in an event called “Why We Give A Damn.” What a breath of fresh air!….

The blog ends with a quote from Abby, a student at Pomona College: “This is the first event I’ve been to where they successfully have had really religious people and totally, totally unobserving, secular Jews and it somehow works. It’s very impressive.”

He notes that “the Jewish community isn’t as fractured as I thought it was.”

Jewlicious Festival demonstrates that most young Jews are not interested in machlokes, they want Jewish unity, they want to find common ground, they want a Jewish future built on shared ideals and values.