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Hate Crime At The Ghetto Wall

Poland continues to be a place where Jews works out deep psychological problems in deplorable ways. Last week an Israeli vandalized the last major section of the Warsaw Ghetto wall….

VIDEO: Israel Misconceptions on Campus

A healthy reminder that ignorance is one of our greatest enemies.

The Storm Ahead- Eerie Prediction By Daniel Gordis

From Daniel Gordis’s website – there are 57 comments there already. THE STORM AHEAD Instead of trying to convince ourselves that it’s not really raining and that there are only…

Israel Is Not A Banana Republic – Begin’s Rebuttle Of Reagan, State Dept., on “Punishing” Israel

VOLUME 7: 1981-1982 91. Statement by Prime Minister Begin on U.S. Measures Against Israel, 20 December 1981. In an unprecedented move, Mr. Begin summoned the United States ambassador to Israel,…

David Suissa: We Need ‘A Street’, Not J Street

I am reprinting this in whole from a man I respect who grew up in Morocco and is not burden by Ashkenazi neurosis. We Need ‘A Street’, Not J Street…