Happy Mother’s Day Momm

Created by a woman from West Virginia, Mother’s Day is a bigger boost to the economy than Valentines Day, which proves that life is not a box of chocolates, but rather more like going out for a meal.

I once scoffed at Mother’s Day, “are we not commanded as Jews to honor our mother’s 365 days a year?” However, rather than being a cynical marketing ploy aimed at selling lots of iPads, roses, and flashy things, it actually makes a great deal of communal sense to use one day a year to advocate on behalf of an important issue.

My mother has had a significant impact on my life, and most of the people around her. Born to immigrant parents in Detroit who imbued in her a strong sense of Jewish identity, love of Israel, and Jewish tradition, she insisted that my brother an I attend day school, promoted Jewish summer camp, even though she never had those opportunities. She even encouraged us to ship-off to Israel for a year after high school to participate in Habonim’s Workshop program. When the Gulf War broke out twenty years ago, she supported me and brother’s decision to stay and help in Israel.

I am grateful for my mom insisting that I persevere when I was ready to throw in the towel. She has been a great source of advice – my brother Ezra and I still hope that she will someday be able to monetize her God-given talent for listening and giving advice so that she can afford to support her expensive book and cappuccino habit. She is a trained artist and social worker, a born perfectionist who realizes that life is not perfect. She is a compassionate care-giver — now for elderly Holocaust survivors in the Bay Area, twenty-seven years ago when my father was dying of cancer.

My mother deserves accolades and awards, but often gets by with a thank you. She is proud of her two children, a proud and active Bubbe that my children adore. She insists that I write her name with two “m”s.

I hope that I make the time to put down on paper the enormous contribution that she has made to the world via her giant network of friends and family, organizations and communities, artists and musicians, across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel.

She is a truly a woman of valor and I honored to be her son.

Happy Mother’s Day Momm!