Symposium: Reaching Generation iPod


Long Beach, Ca – April 19, 2007 – Jewish Studies and Beach Hillel will co-host a symposium, “Reaching Generation iPod: Identification and Affiliation among Young American Jews” at The Pointe’s Ukleja Center on Sunday, April 29 from 1-5 p.m. Admission is free.

“Recent surveys have found that while young Jews are proud of their Jewish heritage, they are not interested in denominational institutions. Instead, they are interested in Jewish cultural, spiritual, or social justice issues,” explained symposium co-organizer and Jewish Studies Director Arlene Lazarowitz. “Jewish institutions, therefore, need to be flexible to attract young American Jews, for whom being Jewish is just one aspect of their identity.”

Co-sponsored by Beach Hillel and its executive director Rachel Bookstein, the symposium is supported by a generous grant from the Jewish Foundation of Greater Long Beach and West Orange County.

The creation of this symposium, hot on the heels of the very successful Jewlicious Festival, puts Long Beach and the Jewish Studies Program at

forefront of efforts to reach young Jews on the West Coast.

“Beach Hillel is about creating community on new terms, so that young Jews will be connected and empowered Jewishly,” said Rachel Bookstein. “The old formulas are being replaced with new ideas, and this symposium will focus on students and what they are looking for and what they need during their collegiate years.”

Space for the event is limited. For more information please contact us: 562 985 7068 or 562 426 7601 ext 1424, and email

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