Sukkah Hop 120

There was simply no room for everyone in the sukkahs at once, but this did not ruin our mood. The intensity of the evening was real. So many Jewish students from all over Long Beach and the OC. Even from LA they came in for the fun.

Sorry about my neighbor tackling some of the students when they accidentally stepped on his lawn returning to the bus. If this was any other event, I am sure he would be in the hospital. But Jewish students are so mellow. I don’t remember this kind of thing even in Poland.

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The were, like, “Hey, dude, chill.” which of course he did not do. Can we say “Restraining order”? But at least no blood was shed.

We give thanks to everyone for their participation in this truly amazing program, which showed the unity of the Jewish people.

It felt a bit like ancient times when the Jewish people would all descend on Jerusalem to show thanks and celebrate. Of course we were in our modern garb, and all, but just how many people and from so many backgrounds, schools, traditions…