Ride for Hunger and the Planet

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(Los Angeles, 10/12/09) — What do you get when you mix the New Moon, Jews, Bikes and Tikkun Olam?

On Sunday, Oct. 18th, 2009, JconnectLA, in support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’s “Fed Up With Hunger” campaign, and in collaboration with corporate sponsors and bike enthusiast groups, is organizing a Jewish community bike ride to raise awareness and funds for hunger and environmental causes.

As dawn breaks on the New Jewish month of Cheshvan, Oct. 18, a hundred riders will head off into the morning mist of the Santa Monica wilderness, traversing valleys and mountains and down along the picturesque Malibu coast. A team of riding connoisseurs active in the LA cycling community crafted the New Moon Century to be accessible to beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists, providing a perfect balance of terrain and aesthetic delight.

This 100-mile bike ride is open to all ages and attendees are recommended to have at least a minimum level of road cycling experience. The course is unique, but challenging, with 6,500 feet of climbing over the 100 miles. There is also an intermediate metric century 100km (62 miles) route, and for beginning riders there is a 36-mile out and back route.

The New Moon Century ride is a kosher/vegetarian cycling event, the first of its kind in Los Angeles, with a kosher-vegetarian lunch will be served at the halfway point in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.

Organizers are grateful to corporate sponsors Clif Bar Energy Bars, Tofurky, and Ethridge Organics to help keep the riders in great physical shape on this demanding ride. The LA Bike Coalition and team Swarm! have helped this new ride get off the ground, providing support, logistics, volunteers and know-how.

New Moon is a fully supported ride with rest stops stocked with food and water dotted throughout the course. Organizers have SAG vehicles patrolling the course to help with any mechanical needs, as well as transportation to the finish line for those who need it.

Ride cost is $50 and pre-registration is open online until Oct. 15th. Riders that pre-register will be entered into a raffle for prizes donated by local bike shops. On-site registration on the morning of the ride opens at 6:30 am at the Ride Start in Deerhill Park, 6700 Doubletree Rd. Oak Park, CA. 91377.

Proceeds from the ride will benefit the LA Federation’s Fed Up With Hunger Campaign to end hunger in Los Angeles County this year, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation or

ganization committed to preserving and protecting ecosystems, habitats and endangered species.

• For more information on the bike ride please contact Sasha – Ride Director: sashaedge@gmail.com
• For media and press inquiries please contact Eric Rosen: eric@jconnectla.com
• For donations, information, and general ride info please visit: www.NewMoonCentury.com

About Jconnect
Jconnect Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to promoting community, unity and Jewish connectivity, and runs JconnectLA, Jewlicious Festivals, New Moon Bike Ride, Jewish Film Competition, and other projects. JconnectLA is the premier Jewish experience organization for young professionals in LA offering 60 events annually that reach over 6,000 young Jews. Jewlicious Festival is America’s largest annual gathering of Jewish students and young professionals with 1,000 participants in 2009. Jconnect is an independent, grass-roots organization, not affiliated with any movement or parent organization.
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3 replies
  1. Eoin Whelan
    Eoin Whelan says:

    Does any of this money go to the poor, starving Palestinians? doubt it. That would be terribly un-jewish wouldnt it.

  2. Rabbi Yonah
    Rabbi Yonah says:

    Thank you for your hatred. You see it solidifies my contention that you are nothing but a Jew hater using Gaza as a pretext to hate on Jews and Israel.

    In fact if anyone is starving in Gaza blame Hamas.

    They created the blockade

    They steal money and food

    They run a corrupt regime

    Thank you again for the hate – it brings all your comments into proper perspective.

  3. Eoin Whelan
    Eoin Whelan says:

    You still have to prove it. I can prove that ISRAEL killed thousands of innocent people, trying to kill ‘military targets’ in the most densely populated piece of property on the face of the world: Gaza!

    How can they create the blockade, when idf soldiers have checkpoints every 20 minutes down the road? How can they create the blockade when israel is constructing a massive wall (condemned by the world and the UN yet NOBODY seems to be doin anything about it, thats one of the perks of being israel) around the west bank and insreasing checkpoints in both the west bank and the Gaza strip? How can they steal food and money when there is no food and money being let into the Gaza strip in the first place? And how can they run a corrupt regime when they arent even given the chance to run a regime because as soon as the palestinian people voted Hammas into power ISRAEL started a war in Gaza.

    Now Rabbi, I do not hate the jews, the jews are my brothers, one of my closest friends is a jew. I hate israelis, and especially the scum of scum, that is israeli settlers. But you rabbi are not giving me any arguments, you are just telling me I am full of hate, well then prove me wrong!!!

    Salam alaikum.

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