Rabbi Yonah’s Podasting: Reality or Myth?

Over the summer I managed to put some classes online. However, it was impossible to hear. Then I refined my technique and equipment and came out with podcasting this fall. I have had some very good feedback, notable from London, UK ,where a fellow has enjoyed a class on Kabbalah that I teach for BJE of OC.

Soon, if all works out well, we will really be ramping up the amount of classes available for download through iTunes. It remains the best way to keep up to date on the classes and it all happens automatically, so you can just set it up once and viola! Enter the following URL’s into the subscribe to field in podcast, of your itunes.

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List of podcasts:
Campus Rabbi — http://rabbiyonah.audioblog.com/rss/campus_rabbi.xml
Madonna and Kabbalah —http://rabbiyonah.audioblog.com/rss/madonna_and_kabbalah.xml

Let me know if you are having trouble.
Best wishes and Keep the Faith!