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Professor of Racism at CSU Long Beach

duke_website_1.jpgEver since arriving at California State University, Long Beach, I became aware of its most notorious professor. Long Beach State’s blemish is of the Jew-fearing kind— a real live Jew-hating racist loved by antisemites worldwide. Just when I hoped he had faded into ignominy, allowing me to focus my energy on invited speakers calling for another Holocaust, the end of Zionism and Israel, MacDonald’s virulent racism and pseudoscience are in the spotlight.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published an investigative article, “Promoting Hate: California Professor is Font of Anti-Semitism,” outlining MacDonald’s antisemitism and xenophobia which permeates his so-called “research.”

In a candid and banal interview with the local Press Telegram, MacDonald outlines his distrust of Jews saying that the “organized Jewish community” are in conflict with those of other ethnicities and ultimately aim to “lessen the power of the European-derived majority.” [FYI Prof. MacDonald—most American Jews are descendants of European immigrants.]

MacDonald told the LA Times:

“Jews, who have typically been in the minority in countries around the world, are compelled by an evolutionary strategy that makes them push for liberal policies, like immigration and diversity, with the intent of weakening the power of the majority that rules them.”

MacDonald, as all good anti-Semites, attributes Jews with uniform group-think strategies bent on destroying Western Society from within. MacDonald couches this ideology in pseudo-science, that is totally rejected by the school of evolutionary biology.

Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker of MIT wrote that MacDonald’s work lacks the basic components of scholarship, such as a control group and a comparison with alternative hypotheses. MacDonald’s theory about the genetic cohesiveness of ethnic groups — in this case Jews — are refuted by a wealth of data while his theses “collectively add up to a consistently invidious portrayal of Jews, couched in value-laden, disparaging language.”

In a prepared statement Long Beach State University officials would say only that “academic freedom does not constrain or restrict the spectrum of knowledge, whether that knowledge is popular or unpopular.”

The articles by InsideHigherEd, and the SPLC are very informative and helpful in outlining how racists and xenophobes use the cover of academic research to promote their agendas. MacDonald, like the infamous Norm Finkelstein and others, use their so-called scientific pursuit, in order to further hate, discrimination, and personal vendettas.

As is obvious from the interviews with these subjects, their personal histories and neurosis contribute to their obsessions. MacDonald became obsessed with Jews during the Vietnam protest era. He saw so many Jews in the anti-war movement, he deduced that it was part of the Jewish plot to bring down American culture!

We have been called by many news sources to comment on the allegations. In general I have recommended that they speak to members of the faculty here that have known MacDonald for years, and know the story inside out.

We felt compelled to issue a statement of some kind: “We trust that the University will take appropriate steps based on these findings to ensure that Long Beach State is an open and welcome place for all minorities and religious groups.”

Universities can act against tenured professors for immoral conduct and phony science, but rarely do. Northwestern will not fire its own Holocaust denier, Prof. Butz, because it is supposedly outside the purvey of the subject he teaches. However, they have issued statements condemning his views. Colorado has been trying unsuccessfully to boot out their own Ward Churchill, once they proved that he was a fraud.

Has MacDonald’s views of race and Jews affected his teaching and how he treats black, brown, Jewish, Asian students in his class? Has his distaste for Jews caused his students to suffer? Can an African American student studying child psychology register in his class and feel they have a fair chance?

MacDonald says that all his students have a fair chance and he does not let his extremely disturbing views on race enter into his teaching. Are we supposed to believe David Duke’s favorite Professor?

Students of that are black and or brown have a different story to tell. According to one professor who agreed to speak to me off the record, non-white students in class know they will not be called on. Another professor told me that MacDonald’s writings are such classics of antisemitism, that he keeps them on the shelf next to Mein Kampf, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

MacDonald has been attacked before and choose to be silent, offering no interviews. Now MacDon

ald is readily spewing his anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Why now? As he approaches retirement age, perhaps he feels invulnerable. He has nothing to be ashamed of, he is on a quest to warn the world and the United States about the fifth column in their midst. Perhaps he is emboldened by other factors and forces, we may never know. However, it’s never too late to fire a fraudulent, racist professor.

Long Beach State Faculty Senate
, Office of Academic Provost, Division of Academic Affairs— the next step is yours. Stop your support for MacDonald and condemn him at faculty meetings. Remove the protection he enjoys at the departmental level. Hopefully then the administration will act and send MacDonald out to pasture and spread his manure elsewhere. MacDonald is a racist and fraudulent professor who must go.

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