Pro-Israel ads defaced in Berkeley

It’s not really a major schocker – Berkeley is not too tolerant. Blue Star PR & StandWithUs posters at Long Beach State have been repeatedly destroyed for the last four years.

This poster is currently on display at prominent bus stop locations around UC Berkeley. It is unfortunate that a design featuring an Israeli-Arab Muslim soccer player praising coexistence should be considered threatening by anti-Israel extremists.

Israel haters apparently think that defacing a poster featuring an Arab athlete advocating coexistence earns them points among liberal college students. We seriously doubt it. What do you think?


posters are currently hanging in the following bus shelters around UC Berkeley:

Bancroft Way/ Telegraph Ave
Bancroft Way / Dana St
Bancroft Way /Telegraph Ave
Durant Ave / Telegraph Ave
Telegraph Ave/ Dwight Way
Telegraph Ave/ Parker St
University Ave / San Pablo
University Ave / Shattuck Ave

FYI – The defaced ad is being cleaned up today.

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