Pray for Don Siegelman on his birthday

Tonight’s 60 minutes piece on the grave injustice served against former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was very well done.  60 Minutes showed the monumental efforts to keep Siegelman out of Alabama politics.

  • How the Federal prosecutor, Laura Canary, that led the charge against him, is the wife of the campaign manager of Siegleman’s opponent in the 2006 Governor’s race.
  • How the main witness against Siegelman was a criminal who lied in order to get a reduced sentence on other charges.
  • How Washington intervened and began to systematically investigate anyone connected with Sielgeman, without cause.
  • How Siegelman never got a dime from the alleged bribery, was never accused of taking money, and was treated like a violent criminal—instead of the popular and successful Governor that he was.
  • And last but not least, how the Justice Department has not released any documents on the case—all members of the Justice department and the Bush White House have refused to testify to congress about the case of Gov. Don Siegelman.

Today was also Don’s Siegelman birthday. Let us pray for  his speedy release. Visit for more info.

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