Post Tisha B’Av ramblings about Israel’s survival

We survived the three weeks but are not out the hot water.Israel continues to finance Hamas’s deposed Prime-minister. Polluted beaches keep swimmers out of the Kinneret. Divisive religious and political issues continue, denying domestic harmony to couples that want to marry. Tony Blair has been appointed as a Mid-East Peace broker. Syria occupies over one hundred square miles of Lebanon, but no-one cares. Hizbullah has rearmed with serious missiles. Hamastan continues to fire rockets into Israeli homes. Bets are on Hamas to take over the West Bank too, meaning that all the money and arms that have been shipped to Fatah in the West Bank will fall into the hands of Hamas — just like the armaments in Gaza did. The Union for Reform Judaism and others are against a bill in Knesset that would keep JNF-KKL lands for the Jewish people (more on that soon).

However there is good news on the horizon, it seems: American Pension Funds pressure Oil Companies on Iran links, The USA says it is actiging against groups aiding Hizbullah, and a new book predicts that Israel will, against all odds, survive.

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