Politics of Slime

Listening as I do to POTUS 08 nearly all time, I had the distinct displeasure of listening to the McCain camp conference call. Yesterday, former NY Mayor Guiliani, who ran a disastrous race for President, spent considerable time flinging slime.

Every single comment he made was full of heinous insinuations – literally claiming that his rival democrats are endangering the country recklessly by negotiating back door deals with Syria and other regimes around the world hostile to the USA. That Obama’s staff are working with foreign governments that complete with the US. And on and on.

We all know that Rudy has a tough time telling the truth. He cheated on his wife and lied about it. He made claims about 9-11 that were unsubstantiated. And during the q&a afterwards was asked by a reporter for JPA about his ties to Citgo, and Saudi Arabia. He denied doing anything for Hugo Chavez’s Citgo, but said his firm worked for Citgo. He denied anything with Saudis, but he was name in a court case in Texas as being involved with them.


Within a minute, the phone line of the reporter asking the questions went dead in the middle of his rebuttal, and they said – oh we lost him.

The way the republicans seem intent on winning this election is throwing buckets and buckets of slime at their opponents, knowing that they only need some of it to stick for them to succeed in destroying their opponents.

It’s a travesty.