Persian Jews reject cash offer

It should come as no surprise that Iranian Jews are publicly rejecting the few grand to move out of harms way. Iranian Jewry know that there will be very harsh repercussions for those that stay behind. Many elderly cannot make the trip, and the amount being offered to buy them out is very small. According to the Iranian News:

The Zionist regime’s news sources have confessed that the Zionist organizations’ efforts to persuade Iranian Jews to immigrate to the occupied territory has had no result and the Iranian Jews prefer to live in Iran.

The Guardian article quotes from the press release of the Society of Iranian Jews:
“The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradeable for any amount of money,” the society said in a statement. “Iranian Jews ar

e among the most ancient Iranians. Iran’s Jews love their Iranian identity and their culture, so threats and this immature political enticement will not achieve their aim of wiping out the identity of Iranian Jews.”

And my favorite line: “Ma’ariv reported that the incentives had been doubled after earlier offers of £2,500 a head failed to attract any Iranian Jews to leave for Israel.”

I have no idea if any of this is true. But if it is, then someone was really not doing their homework. To buy a Mercedes costs way more than that and no Persian Jew is going to trade Persia for a enough money to buy a used Fiat.

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