Pass the halucinagens

jerksI was not going to post again before Shabbos, but could not resist. 

In an recent article in the OC Register on the MSU Holocaust in the Holy Land Week, Sally Peterson, the Dean of Students has this remarkable quote:

“In general, Muslim and Jewish students are comfortable on this campus and many are not involved in this issue at all,” Peterson said.

If this quote is accurate— and lets give Sally the benefit of the doubt because the article is so poorly researched—then clearly the Administration at UCI should not be held liable for their inability to see reality as it happens. Becuase they have been slipped halucinagens!

Jewish students were in tears, one went to the coun

selling center rather than get a gun.  They sat stunned and dazed. They told me how upset they were.  Students are looking to transfer out of UCI to more hospitable places.

I’ll send a email her way, to verify the quote.  If its for real, well, we had better look into who migh profit from drugging the entire administration’s water supply.  This isn’t getting any prettier. 

NOTE: I spoke with Sally Petterson the Dean today about the comment and she verified that it was accurate. After I expressed my own vantage-point she said that perhaps she could have qualified her statement to include those students that are upset.

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